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The lender is the Halifax, I issued them with a SARN a couple of months ago and they sent it back saying they had insufficient information to help me. I gave them details of my previous names and addresses, but I think they want a signature from my ex-partner, it was a joint mortgage. Or it could be that I did not specify that I wanted details about a mortgage. Do I have to say it was a mortgage (not some insurance policy or something), and do I have to get my ex-partner to sign it as well? A debt collector keeps ringing me and he was so nice I have agreed to meet him. Now I'm scared. I would like to get this SARN thing sorted out so I have information to play with but dont know how to go about it. Thanks for any words of advice.

-- Mrs Shani Strauss (, June 01, 2004


Hi Shani,

First of all don't talk to anyone on the phone or meet with them.

Now, regarding the SARN. Halifax do not need your ex-partner's signature as although this was a joint mortgage you are asking for it in relevance to yourself.

If they are chasing you for a shortfall then they are well aware what this is in connection back. Do not admit the debt, always refer to it as an alleged debt.

Write back to the Halifax stating that you want all relevant information regarding the account (give them your mortgage account number) and that if they do not respond to you with this information you will have no option but to complain on an official basis.

Advise all parties that you no longer, due to the seriousness of this matter, wish to discuss this over the telephone and that ALL communication must be done by writing.

Don't be scared of the SARN. This is your right, under the Data Protection Act, to have access to all information they hold about you (although if you are going through a solicitor some of their stuff is subject to legal privilege).

Don't meet the debt collector, of course he's nice he wants your money. The onus is on the Halifax to prove you owe them this money and that is all you are asking.

Good luck.

-- Chris (, June 02, 2004.

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