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When requesting information of a debt, do financial organisations have a timelimit in which they have to provide you with the information?

-- A.Dunbar (adunbar81@hotmail.com), June 01, 2004


If this request for info is via a Sarn then the answer is yes, depending on what info you put in the Sarn request & whether the fee was included, see the Information Commission's website for full details.


-- M Amos (idgroms@hotmail.com), June 10, 2004.

Depending on the information required and the debt in question you can also request information under the Consumer Credit Act. The timelines are shorter, for example they must reply within 12 days, and failure to provide a response after 1 month is a breach and should be reported to the OFT. The letter must be properly formed and different sections of the act apply to different forms of credit.

-- James D (jamesduffy4@hotmail.com), June 30, 2004.

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