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Because of the sucessive owners of the original Payne Elevator Company and because of the age of the elevtor system, we are having a problem obtaining wiring diagrams for our existing system.

If any repair persons/companies have existing diagrams we can obtain a copy of, or know of any customers whom might have copies, please let me know.

-- Randall Pollock (, May 31, 2004


What kind of Payne Controls do you have,what drive,what selector,what speed rise, I also tried to get support in the past and all I got was no no no no no Jim

-- Jim (, June 01, 2004.

Give me some info about the system. I currently have a 14 stop 4 car group that cant wait to be mod-ed out.

-- Ken Eyler (, June 04, 2004.

Here is all the information I could find written on or around the controller board/cover:

Unit PMR 2022 271 REFA (or RETA, could not read exactly). Made in England IMTRA Corp U-3311 D 4 Line Stepper

The building it was put in was renovated in 1976, so I am guessing that the age is around 30 years.

It covers 8 floors.

Also, someone reccomended that we replace the older style relays on the logic controller with replacement solid state. Has anyone had experience with this and would we be able to increase the longevity of the system and find significant increased reliability (we have been replacing relays right and left which seems to be the only major repairs we have been incurring) ?

Also, I am trying to locate a replacement for a broken door close contactor. It seems someone in the past replaced it with an enclosed relay of a lower current handling capability and might be the cause of our door closing problems. Does anyone know a replacement part number ?

-- Randy (, June 07, 2004.

If your being plagued by the old IBM relays used on Dover, and Payne You can get encaplsolated relays (they are not solid state) from World Electronics:

As far as the door contactor goes If you have a GAL DC operator like a MOM or MOD I would suggest gettin a small reversing hoist contactor. Call Access Elevator Supply and they will set you up.

-- Mike Lardner (, July 01, 2004.

you have answered your own question.....GET RID OF THE OLD CRAP and put in a PROPER upgrade....not just the relays but the whole damn thing..and I mean door locks, operator etc...or are you just a tightarse and think by replacing old crap with old crap that it will save money....In the long run get its better to get it done now (would have been better a 10 years ago).....

-- dayle (, July 06, 2004.

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