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Hi all.Not a MV owner as such BUT i am building a Spondon just now and have MV front and back end on it.I need to change the gearing to suit and need to know what sizes BIGGER are available for the back sprocket and where is the best place to buy in the UK.Also can you tell me what chain the MV uses and anybody know what tensile strength it is as the back sprocket seems very thin compared to most bikes and my engine will have considerably more torque than the MV.I was hoping to go up 2 teeth on the back but have done many searches on the net but can't find anywhere that sells sprockets online.

Many thanks WAYNE



Yo! There are lots of aftermarket available from Ferraci, Casoli, and MV's. Sprocket sizes range from 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 so far i can recall. For the front will be 13, 14 avail. Nothing more. The chain that MV uses is a 520 as standards, unlike most Jap bikes whose chain is 525 as standards. I do not exactly know the composites of the material, but it is definitely a heat treated high- tensile strenght type of metal strong enough to handle such torture for runnning friction causing heat. It all really depends on the amount your bike power can handle, but in most races, a 520 is being used but not recommended. FYI.

-- AJ (, May 30, 2004.


The litre bike uses the same chain and sprockets and is up there with any of the jap bikes for power, so Tamborini obviously believes it will be ok.

-- Mark M (, June 01, 2004.

Cheers for that folks

-- wayne (WAYNE509@BLUEYONDER.CO.UK), June 01, 2004.

Actually I think you'll find the chain is a 525, the norm for most big bikes is a 530.

-- Craig (, June 08, 2004.

All sorted now folks.Talon are doing me the quick release sprocket carrier with a one off 530 sprocket.It will be pretty close to the swinging arm though but should be ok!

-- wayne (WAYNE509@BLUEYONDER.CO.UK), June 08, 2004.

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