ophelia's infulence in the theme of passion vs. reason

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How does the female characters play a role in the theme of Passion Vs. Reason in Hamlet, expecially Ophelia.

-- Melissa Bhagwandin (agentnumone@sympatico.ca), May 30, 2004


Gertrude submits to passion when she marries Claudius, which is not the right and rational thing to do. Later Hamlet persuades her to reject Claudius, and I think she does so.

Ophelia feels passion for Hamlet, but agrees to obey her father and his reasoning that she should and must have nothing to do with Hamlet. Later, she loses her reason because of her feelings for and about Hamlet and her father.

-- catherine england (catherine.england@arts.usyd.edu.au), June 01, 2004.

Thanks a lot

-- Melissa Bhagwandin (agentnumone@sympatico.ca), June 01, 2004.

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