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Hiee! I am a 25 Yr.,5'8" slim female.I havent tried swmming ever,but i want to learn it now as a hobby.But my basic concern is soft contact lenses that i use.I have a high power and i wont be able learn without using either my spects or lenses.Can i use swimming glasses with my lenses on? Another worry is that as i am working and have little time, can i learn swmming in about 12 classes(1 Hr. each)?Also will i forget if i dont practice for a month or so? Last but not the least I have a good figure and will I gain a lot of after leaving swimming?

-- Sparsh Sharma (, May 29, 2004


hi sparsh

i've been swimming for the last 12 years now and i guess i can answer ur questions firstly i would like to tell u that it is just not hobby it is the only excercise which u'll enjoy while doin' so stop worryin' about u gaining weight in my opinion it'll help every part of ur body to excercise at the same time. Secondly,i'll not recommend u to use contact lens while swimmin' although u can wear it with splashers(swimming glasses) but it'll be way too hectic so avoid and to answer ur third question if u stop walkin' for some time dou think u can't run the same way once u've learnt swimming u won't forget...


enjoy swimmin'


-- jolly (, June 18, 2004.

Hi ... my son is a competitive swimmmer. He does wear his soft contacts while swimming ... using competitive swim googles. These googles are not the cheap googles that you'd find at Walmart, but ones that you'd find as a sporting store or a store that caters to swimmers.

However, if your contacts are "expensive" to replace ... should you lose one, check into ordering a pair of prescription googles. We ordered these for our son last year from a local swimming store and he LOVED them ... until he lost them (typical 13 year old). The googles only cost about $20 and they allowed him to see underwater as well as onland ... although he looked goofy walking around with this googles on.

Hope this helps ... Denice

-- Paul's Mom (, July 05, 2004.

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