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My America Written by: Carolyn Hileman

I have been reading lots of news these past few years, most if not all makes me angry. It hurts to see my fellow Americans turning against one another for nothing more than a single vote. It seems to me that a lot of people have forgotten what happened to us on September eleventh. Some would tell me to get over it, get on with your life. It seems to me that we got over Pearl Harbor, that it became nothing more than history most of the younger generation thought it was just a movie. We got over it, we forgot it and we paid for itÖ

I donít want to forget it because when you forget about people jumping from burning buildings or family members looking aimlessly for their loved ones you forget who did it. You forget that they want to kill us all, you forget that we are dealing with mass murderers here. You forget about the true heroes, Mr. Guliani, Todd Beemer, and the firefighters. You forget about the looks of horror on your childrenís faces, the fear they had of tall buildings and airplanes flying over head. You forget your anger at the people who caused your children to have to watch what must have seemed like their entire world being destroyed before their very eyes.

There are those who will tell us that we must forgive them, I can forgive, but I cannot forget and nothing in my Bible tells me I must lie down and be run over. As a matter of fact it tells me there is a time for war and a time for peace. It tells me to not bow down to any other God and that is what these people want me to do, I will do anything in my power make sure that it never happens. If that means that we fight the enemy in Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan anywhere other than America that is what it means. It does not mean that I want any service member to die, I would love it if we could find a way to stop these madmen without our troops dying.

But that can never happen, these people do not negotiate they kill, they cut off peoples heads on camera and send to the news networks for all the world to see their handy work. There has been a lot said about these prison pictures, there are people who would have us believe that President Bush snapped those awful pictures himself. Those same people want us to believe that he was on all of those planes on September eleventh. It didnít matter to them that in showing those pictures could cause even more danger for our troops, much less for us.

Those same people would like for us to believe that the man who had his head cut off was in retaliation for those pictures. Well if that is the case I hope his family sues those who chose to publish those pictures repeatedly and the American Aljazeer CBS. That young mans blood is now on their hands, his as well as those soldiers who we can assume were killed in the days following in retaliation for those pictures. How many times did they show the pictures of the four Americans that were murdered? Oh yeah that is right they worked for Halliburton so they were not worthy of American airtime.

These people want us to believe that the worst enemy to the United States of America is sitting in the White House. That is a fine way to thank a man who has done nothing but try to protect our country. The signs declaring him as Hitler just show the man how much we appreciate the fact that he has stood up to our enemy and let them know that you do not hit America and walk away from it. America we should be ashamed of our selves not because of some pictures, but because of the way we have treated a man and our troops. A man who is a walking target and still has not gone into hiding. Of troops who with little pay and benefits walk the line so that you donít have to.

We should not even give those people the time of day, they do not love our country they love the terrorists. They donít believe in America to them it is the cause for every problem in the world. That is not my America, that is not what I see, I see a beautiful place where each of us get a chance. A see a place where we can worship freely and work in the places we chose. I see America in the wrinkles on the elderly and the new born babies, in the children who are getting out of school and the cop that is standing there to protect them. I cannot allow those who wish to divide our country to win because if they do then we will truly look like the America they portray. We will be the awful pictures that they paint. I simply cannot and will not allow them to do that to my America.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, May 28, 2004

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