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My four year old doughter loves swimming and she is doing 14 lengths every day.I am worried about her diet. I am also worried about any other drawbacks of swimming so young,like colour of the skin and body hight ? stunnted growth etc.

I will be greatful If someone helps me regarding this matter.

Thank you

Anxious Father

Dr Anil Bagri

-- Dr Anil K bagri (, May 28, 2004


It is great that your daughter has found her love for swimming at such an yearly age and she should keep with it. Since she is swimming more you might want try to get here to eat things that have a lot of carbs. For example, whole wheat breads, cereal(no sugar), and anything eles you can think of. This will give her more energy to do those 14 laps. To keep weight on her you will want to have here eat protien, such as eggs. Also make sure she eats lots of colorful foods. (fruits and vegs.) If she starts eating as a swimmer should no she will have a great advantage. If you still want more info you might want to put her on a team if she is not and talk to her coach. If that is not possible talk to her docture and ask what he thinks. He maybe able to piont you in the direction of a good deitian, book, or website. Whatever you do let your child keep swimming because it will bring a lot of joy into her life. Happy Swimming!

-- Jenna Moore (, January 17, 2005.


-- VIJAY NAIR (, January 20, 2005.

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