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I'm looking to model a Central of Georgia steam loco. Are there any HO engines availble that would match a CofG loco. I know back in the 80's Rivorassi had a 'Casey Jones' 4-6-0 available that would be a good match for the CofG type. Maybe it will come back soon. THanks rdc.

-- Robert Daniel Cashwell (rdcsouthern1@earthlink.net), May 28, 2004


Bachmann's Baldwin HO 4-6-0 with 52" drivers, "low boiler" version comes close to Central of Georgia's 232 and 240 and perhaps some others, but I only have photos of these two. Also, Bachmann's HO 2-8-0 comes close to the CofGa's 500-series, except for the tender. With a little work and some imagination you can have a reasonably similar locomotive with either. These are the only current production locomotives that I'm aware of that come close.

Overland produced a brass "Big Apple" 4-8-4 years ago which is wonderful. However, they are dificult to find and expensive if you can find it. Keep a look out on E-Bay. Ed Mims

-- Ed Mims (wemims@comcast.net), May 30, 2004.

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