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It has oil and makes the sound about half the time. It's a three stop and happens at the 2nd and 3rd stop about half the time. Car runs great but makes the cavitation growl when it has completely stopped but the pump is still running. So it's in full bypass. I'm going to clean the intake screen Tuesday but has anyone ever seen this?

-- joe (, May 28, 2004


I had a job once with a dry pump unit that had a noise that drove me crazy trying to find and it turned out to be an pinhole airleak and it sounded like a bad pump, check all the pipeing to the pump. Also call John at Maxton very helpful.

-- Jim (, June 07, 2004.

Take a look inside the tank when its making the noise. When the valve is in full bypass the turbulance inside the tank may be causing low oil level above the intake.

-- Mike Lardner (, July 01, 2004.

They were very helpful at Maxton. It turns out someone had taken out the return line to the tank so there was only one line to the tank. After they screwed this up causing the cavitation they took out the 24vdc rectifier to change the pump timing so it wouldn't growl. We had recently put the rectifier back in causing the problem. Unfortunatly for them the low voltage causes button problems...We canceled the contract after losing a ton of money finding all this out.

-- joe (, July 02, 2004.

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