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Dear MV owners, my RG3's on my just turned 2year old senna(2200)miles,have broken, them bolt holding them on has snapped off taking a bit of the pipe with them. When i called 3x to ask about the warranty on them, i was told by Ricky Ross that there is only a 6month warranty on all MV exhausts!.........so thats 24month on everthing apart from the exhausts, what a load of crap, time to get the welder out, usual MV bulls**t a!

any views ? cheers john

-- john b kennedy (john@kennedytransport.co.uk), May 28, 2004


Yo! Relax and breathe some air.....

Not everything is meant to last. Even the good ones. You can always go to any shop who does good welding in your area, but make sure that you give them full instructions on how you want the job done. Remember, you have to explain to them very carefully to make sure they get things done the way you want it done. I advise you to supervise the whole thing as well, for any additional or advise from these people. You can have them polished after the welding fromthese same people.

Hope this help. Cheers!

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), May 29, 2004.

Hi John I had one tail piece fall off my 2001 F4 at the begining of this year before i sold it (way out of warranty). I asked my dealer to contact MV and get a new pipe, which they did. All done within 2 weeks. I live in the United Arab Emirates and I think there are only 3 or 4 bikes in the country, so not a big market for MV but they still did it. I would ask 3X (who have much more influence than our dealer) to at least give it a try with MV rather than just tell you no! This is clearly a fault on this pipe. Bye the way, when we examined the pipe inside, we could see that there are 3 blobs of weld to hold the tail piece in place. Well on my pipe we could see one of the welds had sheared showing shiny metal, the other 2 were still rounded sooted blobs indicating the welds had never joined the tail piece to the rest of the exhaust at the time of manufacture.

Hope that makes sense and good luck. Sean

-- Sean Keith (keiths@emirates.net.ae), May 30, 2004.

cheers guys,not sure what AJ is on, the point is that everthing on the bike is a 2 year warranty & the exhausts only have 6 months!, then again im in the area of the world(scotland) when i asked 3x about another set of rg3 pipes for my bike, they were pleased to inform me that i can get them no probs for 1600uk sterling, and another 6month warranty, i had a laugh at that! my brother has carbon pipes on his MV and they are now over 4 years old & no problem, they were also only 600! know what route il be going. cheers guys john k

-- john b kennedy (john@kennedytransport.co.uk), June 01, 2004.

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