F4 1000 deposit for sale-OOPS! - be first in line in northern california!

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I have what is essentially the first deposit at Munroe Motors for a standard f4 1000 (there will also be 4 special edition bikes) & am looking to sell it to whoever is the first to make me reasonable offer (+$2000 over the deposit). I've taken care of all the preliminary details i.e. the dealer's aware I may sell my deposit. I placed this deposit 3+ years ago! (415)225-7294

-- sean crane (buyordieunlimited@hotmail.com), May 27, 2004


Just so were all on the same page here, you say your offering this deposit at $2000 more then the amount of the deposit?

-- Eric (rzv500r@aol.com), May 27, 2004.

So we're all on the same page here, if Eric happens to sound like a broken reed it's because he's too handicaped to realize an RZ500 sucks ass compared to say... an RD350LC???

I seem to remember 2000 F4 deposits going for a hell of a lot more. Then again at that time northern California was full of "millionairs" that can't afford a "pile" RZ500 these days???

-- sean crane (buyordieunlimited@hotmail.com), May 28, 2004.

I posted the question because I wanted to clarify what your asking price was, not to trash you on the web.

There is enough of that BS online already.

Good luck with your sale.


-- Eric (rzv500r@aol.com), May 30, 2004.

Sean is a moron and probably a scammer.

You can call any number of dealers around the country and pre-order with a very small deposit. Might I suggest either of the two dealers in Texas or the one in Colorado.

-- Scott (evilpettingzoo2001@yahoo.com), May 30, 2004.

I'm not sure what this persons connection is with either barnyard animals, homophobia or perhaps an inabilty to procure some very much needed medication but, when I receive e-mails like the one attatched below I know It's probobly best to limit advertising to auction sites only.

Now Scott just so there is no misunderstanding. My full name is Sean Crane & I live in San Francisco. I'm ashamed of neither. I'd also like to make it perfectly clear I have a considerabe respect for the local homosexuals who are at least "hardcore" enough to "take it up the ass" without hiding behind some unknown alias that may have something to do with Satanic Beastiality!

From "Scott"

Fuck off LOSER!!!

You are either on crack or a scammer... PERIOD!!!

You offer your slot for a F4 1000 for $2000 over and above your deposit. And then when someone asks for clarification, you slam them on the forum. Nice sales work you fag! You deserved my response. You fucking CUNT!

Meet you tuesday at Thunderhill. LOL!!! You are a faggot cocksucker, so take it up the ass with all your other bunghole surfing buddies.

Go crash your bike you snivveling little cunt.

BTW, that hot flash of anger you're feeling in your face and chest makes all this worth it. I laugh at you and your feigned outrage at my response to you. Stroke out on this, you fucking cum sucking cunt!

-- sean crane (buyordieunlimited@hotmail.com), June 02, 2004.

Sean, why would you post this garbage here? It's obvious you are posting a private exchange between you and Scott here. That makes you just as bad as he is, no matter how twisted and biggotted he may be. $2000 over your deposit amount? What's up with that?

Moderator: Please remove Sean's post. There is enough infantile garbage on the internet, and we don't need to see this stuff between Sean and Scott.

BTW, I'm the one who posted the announcement on the Yahoo site regarding getting on the list with your dealers. MV is currently working with US dealers to get customers signed up for priority delivery the F4 1000 in August. Dealers are now taking orders so MV can determine the US allocation for the first wave. The standard red/silver color will be here in August/September, followed by the Tamburini in December. The Yellow/Silver and Blue/Silver models will show up after January. My dealer has me on the list for Blue/Silver. And he isn't requiring a deposit.

-- Jeff (eljeffe@i-bmw.com), June 02, 2004.

Sean Crane was killed on the same F4 1000 he was trying to sell on this website. 120mph into a van.

Sean cared more for others than himself. He lived life to it's fullest. God speed my friend. You will be missed.

-- Sergio Becerrill (sergio@sftees.com), August 16, 2004.

Woah! I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, Sergio. It just so happens that I hit 120 mph this past weekend. Nothing pulled out onto the road but I was aware that my life was dangling on a string.

What a shame. Condolences, Tom

-- Tom Solimine (Tsolimine@amph.com), August 16, 2004.

So, is he really dead or is this a joke?

-- Oscar the Grope (trashcan@yahoo.com), August 17, 2004.

Apparently no joke. It's a lengthy topic of conversation at the Yahoo discussion board. Sounds like he was quite a talented rider but sometimes that accounts for squat when dealing with the laws of physics.

-- Tom Solimine (Tsolimine@amph.com), August 17, 2004.

Yes, seriously, Sean passed away early Sunday morning, August 15th. I pity you who thought so low of Sean. And without having ever met Sean, who are you to label him and accuse him? Shame on you.

You are so incredibly missed, Seany! Your spirit rides with us all..

-- Ka'ryn "Sway" Donohue (Elysiumcore@hotmail.com), August 17, 2004.

I'm so sorry. May he rest in pieces.

-- PyschoMike (btweenluvandhate@hotmail.com), August 17, 2004.

My heart aches at the thought of never seeing that wonderful smile again. Dark days indeed.

_Matt Park City, UT.

-- Matt Harrold (cyberpunkin@earthlink.net), August 19, 2004.

It is true. Sean was pronounce leagally brain dead on Sunday August 15th at SF General from the impact he had with the van. On Monday the 16th every one of Seany's organs were donated to transplant recipients at both SF General and UCSF hospitals. His huge heart will live on in someone else which is probably the biggest gift all of us could ever have. Those who knew Sean will have that Cheshire Cat smile imprinted in their minds forever. It wouldn't have mattered if Sean was in a wheelchair, a burrito maker, the door man or local dry cleaner, he had a heart of pure platinum and went out of his way for friends and strangers alike. Not because he thought about it but because it was his nature to do so. It was part of what made him so wonderful. He was the guy that would roll out of his own hospital bed to visit his friend in another hospital bed! He will be deeply missed but nobody will miss him more than his daughter. I'm not sorry Seany is gone as much as I regret there are so many people in this world who are so unfortunate to never be able to know him the way that we all have.'

God Speed Seany. You are loved and missed!

-- diane headen (orthodog1@hotmail.com), August 25, 2004.

People die all the time. When you ride your Bike at 120 mph you are, not only putting your life in danger, but other lives in danger as well! I hope that he did not hurt anyone else. I don't feel sorry for this guy, I think he was brain dead before he went through 2nd gear. Fuck him! We are better off without him. I am sure that i will get a ton of hate mail for this, but who cares. He should have been thinking of his child before he became an Organ doner. Does anyone know if he was AB- or not? It would be nice to have a spare hand to clap with. Your Mama.

-- Kyle Stiff (americanscreamingeagle@yahoo.com), December 14, 2004.

Kyle shame you took so long to list, seems like you could have benefitted from a new brain with some tact and compassion. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just shut up and keep your opinions to yourself.


-- Ed (yellow900@yahoo.com), December 15, 2004.

Some people realy need to work a bit harder on getting in touch with their HUMAN SIDE. What a TWAT!

-- Mark M (m.magenis@btinternet.com), December 16, 2004.

I was riding with Sean Crane on the back of my boyfriend's motorcycle the night of his horrible accident. We left Delirium at 16th and Albion at about 2:10 am. Sean was in a fabulous mood. We were going back to his place for drinks and socializing. Sean was on his new bike. Red, fast, he had only had it for a few days. Not even any plates on it yet.

As I pulled on my helmet and hopped on the back of my boyfriend's bike, an awful feeling came over me. We took off for Sean's place. Up 16th Street a few blocks. And that was as far as we made it.

I have seen and heard so many different stories about Sean's accident. I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents about what really happened.

Sean was riding fast. I mean, it's Sean Crane, what do you expect? He was close to the yellow center line. A vehicle in the oncoming lane decided to use a portion of Sean's lane and crossed over the line....to get around a double parked car or because the driver was drunk?....who knows. All I know, is Sean and the car in his lane, made contact. Sean was thrown from his bike. He landed about 20 feet from the intersection of Church and 16th Street. The driver of the other vehicle never stopped. I don't believe there was any pain for Sean. He never took another breath on his own, and me and my boyfriend were holding him as the last of his heartbeats slipped away. I could feel his spirit go. I think he knew that he was doing what he loved in the end, and that his pursuers were friends, not the cops, and that he died in the arms of people that loved him dearly.

It's been 4 and a half months and sometimes it still feels like yesterday. I still remember exactly what it felt like to wash your blood off my hands and face and leathers. Sometimes the images refuse to leave my head.

You touched people in a special, sincere way. Your generosity and kindness knew no bounds.

I will miss you always Sean....and guess what? I'm pregnant. My hope is that we can raise a child that will possess your spirit, goodness and passion.

Ride fast, take chances and rest when you will.

-- Amanda (searching4mysight@yahoo.com), December 30, 2004.

Are you "BOZO'S" still talking about the stiff?! Mark said I could have used Sean's Brain, that's funny because, he's DEAD. You and I are alive, why? Because most folks who own Bike's or big Tire Car's twist the Throttle or drop the Hammer where we are supposed to, not on the street's. Wheep Wheep Wheep. Your Mama!

-- Kyle Stiff (americanscreamingeagle@yahoo.com), January 10, 2005.

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