Hamlet = revenge hero?

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do you see Hamlet as a disappointment as a revenge hero? because i do yet my teacher thinks that because he tries to confrot his mother about her marraige, that he's trying to uphold his family name that he is not. and is a disappiontment because he thinks about all the consequences?

-- Alana R (hunzbunz99@hotmail.com), May 27, 2004


You mean he should have got the blazes on with plotting, killing, maiming, slandering, maybe a bit of arson, rape and other forms of violence and abuse?

I do not see him as a 'revenge hero'. He doesn't see himself as one, and doesn't want to be one. And who the hell would want one? So I don't see him as a disappointment either.

-- catherine england (catherine.england@arts.usyd.edu.au), May 27, 2004.

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