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We're in the market for espresso equipment as a start-up. We'll be starting from scratch, so we'll need everything from beans to cups. Any information would be appreciated. Including advice and wholesale distributors. Thanks in advance!!

Sincerely, Sherry

-- Sherry Sturgis (, May 25, 2004


I had the same idea a year and a half ago. I wanted to bring espresso to a town that had it only in a Christian Bookstore and a beauty salon. I looked all over the place for the right espresso machine and how to get any info I could. I ended up buying a used machine, it's for sale if you're interested, and I looked all over the place for a good coffee bean. Coffee AM on the web, based out of Woodstock GA near Atlanta, did me right on flavored coffees and syrups. If you call them I worked with a guy named Jeb and when I went in person I met the president of the company. It was a really good relationship. If I called them by 8-9am I could get my coffee roasted and shipped that day. No chance on getting old stuff. A national retailer of coffee is Superior Coffee and this is the espresso bean that Einstein Bros. Bagels uses for their espressos.It always had a good taste. If you want to retail cups and things an easy way to get a quick variety was discount stores (ie. Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls etc.) They typically have a few sets and large cups to display and resell at a modest profit. For me on a limited budget it was a quick and easy fix. As far as demitasse cups that was not what we used so I can't help you there except to suggest look at a foodservice supply company and see what they offer(ie Superior Outlet Center at 1-800-328-9901 for a catalog).Their stuff is priced okay and they have a huge inventory to choose from. Alot of places on the web are sooooo overpriced. I don't know who buys that stuff, but I surely couldn't afford it. A neat idea to keep from buying alot of cups is to build your business and as you gain "regulars", have them bring in their own cup and display them on a shelf. I saw this done at a shop once and thought what a great idea. Good for customer relationships. For espresso supplies I received mine from a technician that gave me a tune up on my machine. You might try calling an espresso repair service and see if they have any machines for sale and where to get supplies. I would definitely buy a 2 group machine anticipating heavy sales and the need for continous steam. If you have a retailer anywhere around you go there and learn what you need to know. It's kind of like test driving a car - know what you need and make the best purchase for today and the future. If you need a generic take out cup I like the Cafe G style put out by Dart. They offer a variety of sizes and it's foam to keep from having to buy coffee clutches. Coffee boxes from LBP manufacturing at are great for large coffee orders. They hold temps for nearly 3 hours. I would also suggest trying to subscribe to QSR magazine at It's free for quick serve restaurants and it keeps you up to date on the latest trends and products especially if you are looking to serve food. It's also great for ideas. I hope I haven't bored you and I wish you the best success in your endeavor. My suggestions are what I found worked for me to get the knowledge to run my shop. Unfortunately, location did not get work out like I had hoped. This is our last week running it. I am still young though so I hope to get another shot one day. If you have any other questions I will try to help and I truly hope it works out for you.

Sincerely, Ken Guthrie

-- Ken Guthrie (, May 27, 2004.

wow!!! Thanks so much for all of the great information!!!

-- sherry (, May 29, 2004.

Dear Sherry:

I have a 6'CMC Espresso Cart with front wing that is 1 yr old with modest use. Specification are below. You can see the cart online at CMC Espresso. 627-BC 6' espresso cart includes: complete water system and 50a 220v electrical system, 6.5 cu ft refrigerator, 2/ 5 gallon H2O tanks, large hand sink, Filter system with H2o softener, 22" folding side wings, molded acrylic sneeze guard, waterproof interior panels, impact resistant corner trim, 8 cu ft of locking dry storage, Front condiment wing, 11 electrical outlets with 1 50 amp outlet for cart.

Would also include: RR45 Rossi Espresso Grinder, Bunn Automatic Airpot Brewer, Bunn 2 shoot coffee grinder, 7 airpots, 4 shot pitchers, 2 32oz and 2 16oz milk steaming pitchers..

Asking $8,000

I would be glad to send you additional specifications or pics if you are interested.

Beth Kurtz 919-304-4367 (Shop) 336-260-2338 (Cell)

-- Beth Kurtz (, June 04, 2004.

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