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Dont know if anyone is interested, but found this today in Odessa, Texas. Its a 1969 Apache Popup, dont know the model, but its the same kind I grew up camping in. Aluminium roof, canvas sides. This thing looks like it has been hardly used and in storage for a long time. The only flaws I found in the canvas was a small, roughly 2" tear, easily repaired, and a couple of very small (1/8") wear holes that were not all the way through. Interior looks good, but could use a good cleaning. The cushions are all original but have no visible tears. Only major thing I can see was that the right rear canvas section had pulled loose from the top (easily repaired) and there is a cabinet door missing from the inside. Definately needs new tires and will require a LP bottle trade out, but looks like you could take it camping with no other major repairs.

It is located at Webb's RV in Odessa, Texas. 432-561-5699 They are asking $950 but I bet you could get it cheaper. I took some pictures so if you would like to see, e-mail me and I will send them to you.

Wish I had found this beauty two years ago when I was seriously lookin for one. Of course, the wife would never think of camping in Texas in the summer without an air-conditioner. LOL

Hope this helps someone looking for a classic Apache.

Dave Chasteen Brownfield, TX

-- David Chasteen (, May 22, 2004

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