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I traded a truck in on a Motor home in Mar 03. The dealer did not pay the bank off. I called the bank several times, for a year the told me it was my problem. I called the dealer several times and eventuly sent a complaint in July to the State of Florida. They had several people before me and have now issued a criminal case aginst the RV dealer. I payed the Bank until Feb 04 and could still get noting from the Bank except It my problem. I quit making payments and gave them the address in Florida where the truck was located. The poor fellow that had it could not register it without a tytle. The bank which I had given the florida address came to my home in maine in May 04. Guess they thought I was lying. What are my rights and what can they do if I do not pay off the loan?

-- Arlan Farar (, May 21, 2004

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