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I just aquired a solid state esco unit on my route. It has a mitsubishi processor. Any info on where to get replacement parts for it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and work safe

-- fixalift (, May 20, 2004




Try looking at this site to start!

Best wishes,


-- Jon (, May 21, 2004.

I had one of those beauties, ran pretty good, does your have that toggle sw door timer feature. They used the Mits FX-64MR series and the later versions used the EMC2 had a scrolling screen, which one do you have???????????

Its a good plc,more populat in asia than US. One problem with those is that you needed plc for const and was destroyed with sloppy wiring. Also they used the famous tape selector so get a paint white pen and make all you strickers so if it does a wipe out you know where they were. You will get almost no support for the plc. If you loved that thing you can find a used mits plc and program software cable ect for around $500 but not overnight, takes time to find. My advise is to be careful working on it, lock the controler and prints and only one guy work on it, and when it dies put a motion hydro controler there around $1500.00, all the plc stuff and hassle is around that much. Esco was a great company and there cast valves are better that the aluminum vega types we use today. Jim

-- Jim (, May 22, 2004.

If your "plc savy" you can check ebay and do a search for Mutsi PLCs. Be sure to have the model number. If the origional program is on a removable UVProm you can move it from one PLC to another, or you could find the software to copy it and download to the replacement PLC.

Or... One time another contractor I know called me and told me they LOST the program entirely. I programmed an Automation Direct PLC to replace the Mitsu wire for wire. All workd out well for the customer. They were ack up in a few days from date of failure. It was much cheaper than trashing the whole controller etc..

-- Mike Lardner (, June 29, 2004.

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