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Ho Chi Minh worked in London pub
Ho Chi Minh worked in hotel in West Ealing
The Drayton Court looks like a normal hotel on the outskirts of London - but it has rather an unusual claim to fame.
Former Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh once worked in its kitchens, as a cleaner and dishwasher.
Before playing a key role in Vietnamese history, driving out forces from Japan, France and the United States, Ho Chi Minh spent part of his youth in London, cleaning up after diners in West Ealing.
Ho Chi Minh was born in May 1890 in Hoang Tru, in central Vietnam.
In 1911, he began work as a cook on a French steamer, enabling him to travel to the US and Europe.
He arrived in London in 1913 and spent several years there before moving on to Paris, Russia and China.
But little is known about Ho Chi Minh's time in England, according to Quynh Le from the BBC's Vietnamese Service. "His time in Great Britain is among the least documented of his life. We don't know exactly when he worked at the pub, or how long he was there," said Quynh Le.
"He wasn't very political at that time," he added.
In his autobiography, Ho Chi Minh also said he worked as a snow sweeper and boiler operator, before moving to the Drayton Court Hotel, a busy establishment near the railway.
He then went on to work at the Carlton Hotel in Haymarket, which has a plaque commemorating his time there.
Ho Chi Minh worked in this hotel in West Ealing

-- Nguyễn-Việt-Nam (tosu_cs@yahoo.com), May 20, 2004




I have that picture of HoLungLang ma(.c a'o tra('ng -da^`u -do^.i no'n cook va` 2 tay -dang bu+ng -di~a ba'nh, hi`nh na`y trong Video nhu+ng chu+a tha^u vo^ Computer -duo+.c

Will try it later, not so soon thought

-- HoCuLang theo ngoa.i bang :) (TrietGiaSJeduNET@aol.com), May 20, 2004.


Subject: About Tang Tuyet Minh, a Chinese woman, the mistress of Nguyen Ai Quoc.

Facts disclosed by Lesquendieu.

Hanoi, October 28, 1931.

Tang Tuyet Minh is a Chinese of Guang dong, daughter of a rich merchant who has 3 wives, 12 children, two daughters and a son among them earned their Ph.D. degrees in the United States. All the three died after returning to China.

Tuyet Minh attended a midwife course at the same time with Luong Hue Quan, the wife of Lam Duc Thu. Graduated a midwife but she has never worked as one.

When her father died, her mother who was his third wife, her younger sister, her younger brother and herself were evicted from her father's home by his other two wives.

I don't know what has happened to her siblings from then on. However, in 1925, Tuyet Minh was living in poverty with her mother in Dong Son area, Gwang dong. It was at the time when Lam Duc Thu introduced her to Nguyen Ai Quoc whom she had to marry only because she was needy.

It was not Nguyen Ai Quoc who initiated Tuyet Minh into Communism. At the time, he only spoke little Chinese. He brought her into contact with members of the Women Liberation League , which was an organization of the China Communist Party.

Those members taught her Communism. She became a member of the league but with the least enthusiasm.

As Nguyen Ai Quoc's wife, she was living with him at Borodine's home, Dai Dong Street (number forgotten) near Nhan Hung Cai, across the street from the office of the "Guang dong Province Party Committee" (1)

In 1927, Nguyen Ai Quoc took to flight, Tuyet Minh returned to Dong Son area to live with her mother in poverty.

Despite of narrow circumstances, she never lived again with Nguyen Ai Quoc when he reappeared at the late 1929.(2) They met once by chance. She had never loved him whom she thought too old to her and she got married to only because she was too poor.

I think she must have had another husband now. Otherwise she is unable to provide for herself as she has a 70-year-old mother to support. At least she has to work as a midwife.

She has a half-brother (of the same father), who is a rich merchant in Hong Kong and able to help her, but she did not visit him for a long time as she was not getting along with his wife.

Physiology: About 27 years old. Small stature. Frail. Light complexion. Black hair in a bob, half combed backward, half in bangs. Round face. Narrow mouth. Straight nose. Lively black eyes. Agile.


(1) Of the Kuomintang.

(2) Nguyen Ai Quoc himself told me so.

Notes of the SCR (Intelligence service): On the contrary, agent Pinot said that the mistress of Nguyen Ai Quoc did go to see him in Hong Kong and was living in Van Chay area before Nguyen Ai Quoc got arrested.

True copy.

-- dam cho thui (vietnamcongsans@yahoo.com), May 21, 2004.


Ma h năm trước ng Trần Quỳnh, cựu ủy vin Trung Ương ảng, cựu ph thủ tướng cho phổ biến một tập hồi k bốc thơm ng L Duẩn v bi nhọ tướng V Nguyn Gip.

Một ng no đ tn ặng nh Loan được cc ng L ức Anh v L Khả Phiu cấp cho trn một tỷ đồng để viết cuốn sch "ường Thời ại " ca tụng ng L ức Anh v ni xấu rất nhiều ng lớn của đảng ta, ring ng Gip bị mạt st thậm tệ.

Một ti liệu nặc danh nhan đề "ại tướng V Nguyn Gip, anh Văn của chng ta " nu 7 điều b bối của ng Gip (tư tnh với vợ nh văn o Vũ, lm tay sai cho mật thm Php lc cn trẻ). Phe ng Gip bn phản pho tung ra một ti liệu nặc danh phanh phui đủ điều th bỉ của mọi cấp lnh đạo đảng, cn sống cũng như đ chết.

Ti liệu kể tội ng L Duẩn lạm quyền hoang dm v độ với nhiều chi tiết cụ thể; ng L ức Thọ lưu manh dẫn gi cho "cc cụ" để bịt miệng cc cụ rồi mặc tnh thao tng đảng. ng L ức Anh trước đy lm cai phu đồn điền đnh đập cng nhn, ng Phạm Hng chết v thượng m phong trn bụng b thứ trưởng Trần Thị Trung Chiến; ng V Ch Cng bao che cho con rể l Thn Trọng Hiếu ăn cắp 47 tỷ đồng; ng

Trần Quốc Hon hiếp dm rồi thủ tiu c Nng Thị Xun, vợ b ng Hồ Ch Minh, ng L Khả Phiu hai lần lạm quyền dm ở Qun Khu 2 v ở Kampuchia. Thế mới biết!

-- lu cho" thui (vietnamcongsans@yahoo.com), May 23, 2004.


*** . .

Tm lại những thằng Vẹm trong Đảng CongSản Vietnam th thằng no cũng đớp cứt hết chơn chọi v đến nỗi cn đớp cứt của nhau nữa nhưng phải cng nhau cố gắng im mm lại v nếu h mm ra to qu th dn chng biết v rồi thế giới biết...

-- Vietcong thch Ăn mn cứt ch 7 mn ... :) (TrietGiaSJeduNET@aol.com), May 23, 2004.


Dit me bon nguy binh bai tran. Cuoc song tinh than cua chung may la hoa nguc. Cuoc song vat chat tha phuong cau thuc cua chung may la nham mat bit tai (vi da luu vong may chuc nam o xu nguoi nhung van la bon vo hoc, noi khong noi ngon ngu cua dan ban xu nen khong hoa nhap duoc vao cuoc song o xu nguoi, bi gat sang ben le xa hoi) lam thang cong dan hang...chot de duoc am vao than gia. Lu rac ruoi chung may cut xeo me no het khoi VN cung la cai may cho dan VN, nhung la cai hoa cho nhung nuoc bao boc chung may. Tui Meo-Uc cung hieu dieu do nhung biet lam the nao duoc, cut chung no ia ra thi chung no phai hot thoi chu biet lam sao?

-- To Su Bon Co Hon Vong Quoc (VNCH@MOTLUCHOLACLOAI.COM), May 23, 2004.


*** . .

Vấn đề INTERNET th c/Australia l tin phong gip cho VIETCONG hanoi qua ng AU-NationUniversity từ năm 1990 nhừng đến năm 1992 mới thnh hnh để cho guồng my Đảng VC-EATSHIT c cch vo Internet xem xt suy đon hầu mang ci ba ci liềm cứa cổ ci COMPUTER :)

Cc anh Vẹm NGU như con Ch Gii, cc anh cứ thch va'c ma.t theo địt Mỹ/Ngụy v Tư bản để rồi họ li sềng xệch v ci gii của cc anh dnh vo ci đt Mỹ / Ngụy v tư bản NGOẠI BANG rội

Thay v đau đớn gần đứt gn cu th cc anh nhịn la nhịn ht để c cơm gạo, c xe Honda, c Bata giầy Nike, c o gi, c WTO, c quan hệ BANG GIAO kinh tế với Mỹ/Ngụy, chứ m đm đm cc anh nằm nghe dế gy th cc anh b đi :)

VC-Hanoi EAT SHIT ; bc Hồ ni thế, eat...eat .... USA/France 's SHIT were bơ sữa bo bổ... :)

-- Hochi Minh an cut NGOAI BANG .... (TrietGiaSJeduNET@aol.com), May 23, 2004.

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