F4 100 test in MCN.

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I read this weeks edition this afternoon. I got the impresion they were not that impressed, it was said it was no R1..... It will be interesting to see real world BHP figures, so much for the worlds most powerful road bike. I do hope i will not be disapointed when mine comes after i beleved the hype last year. May be the Casloi big bore conversion was not a bad idea after all,i think the Casoli kit was just short of 900ccs, MCN say its a 996cc engine and was an improvement on the 750cc, but i got the feeling it was an anticlimax. Has anyone else read it and what are your views? I have writen this becourse like i said i have a deposit left for the F4 1000, and i still have my F4 which i am not selling even if and when my new bike comes, for the money i am paying i do expect a huge power out put. Whats your expectations??

-- brandon (brandonbee@tiscali.co.uk), May 20, 2004


I guess this all depends on what "hype" you've heard, and what a "huge power output" means mate.

All the figures I have seen were based on 166 ps (so close enough to horse) at the crank. I haven't heard or seen anything other than that from MV, unless you are talking the Tamburini with the variable intake system that has 172.

I think the biggest increase you will get will be to torque which is now at 109nm of torque, and is up by 48% over the F4, and the power is up by 32%, which to me isn't bad.

One thing to bear in mind is how much the Japanese factories have been exaggerating their figures. The ZX10 and R1s arenot putting out anthing like the claimed 180bhp crank figure they started giving out last year, which with 10% drive loss should still be in the area of 160 and most are putting out around the 150 mark at the wheel.

MVs power claims have always been much more accurate than the Japanese. A Swiss bike mag has just tested a standard F4 to 156 ish bhp at the rear, I haven't got the mail from my friend that told me, but the source was trustworthy.

At the end of the day, we will all just have to wait until someone gets all the litre bikes, and puts them head to head. I personally don't really read too much into MCN, as they are far too much of the "one month a bike is great, 2 months later its shite" school of thought for me.

With regards to the Casoli upgrade, thats an option, not one I'd bother with though.


-- Phil (p.wood@tesco.net), May 21, 2004.

Yo! Every information is free and it all depends really on how you accept them as they are. There is a million in one reviews for MV's and until now it is difficult to believe which one is which and which one is true, unless of course you refer to a more reliable information such as the factory whom these machines are made of. I do not see nor understand why these figures do come out unresponsibly, but one thing is for sure that these factories do really gives away reliable information. But interestingly, some third-party do test how reliable these information were and they come up with their report. There are many variables in getting these information though, and different methodologies in doing so. It is always great to check the background on where you get these information. MCN is not really that bad, but it is always better to get another information from another source. We are your brother's in arms --- The Secret Society of MV Agusta nutheads! Cheers!

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), May 21, 2004.

Brandon I would chill out when it comes to write ups and editorial hype. I remember in the Dec. 2002 Superbike mag that put Dave Whattams Senna up against a 998R and Benelli Tornado at the time when the rest of the rat pack were ignoring the Senna and generally canning the 'under powered' F4 the verdict was qoute "the MV F4 Senna is the new benchmark". And the last issue of Superbike 2004 had this same Senna up against the latest Suzuki GSX750 where it still held its own and produced a bit more BHP than the suzy but was still 'pipped' as second to the gixer. Bear in mind the Senna is now one and a half years old . That never got a mention in the editorial as far as I can remember. Buy what your heart tells you dont be swayed by subjective part fiction part fact of the great british motorcycle press.

-- Tony beckwith (mcbeck709@blueyonder.co.uk), May 22, 2004.

Yep--i got the feeling it was an anticlimax as well,they did`nt exactly jump through hoops did they?.Viscous engine braking and hard to get back on the throttle also did`nt seem to impress either.From all the reviews the R1`s had-it just does`nt get a bad one does it?

-- mike tilston (miketilston@btinternet.com), May 23, 2004.

You realy cant read anything into the MCN test - it wasn't a bike off the production line, it was a prototype. Also bear in mind that MV will not be putting the money into the bike press that the Japs do. So there will be virtually no comercial pressure to talk it up. There won't be the big test fleet or long term loan bikes, so editors won't get to bin one each Sunday and have another delivered ready for the following weekend. Am I starting to sound a bit synical, probably because I expect exactly the same old story, 'looks good, handles well, too much money so still second to the latest jap flag ship'.

-- Mark M (m.magenis@btinternet.com), May 25, 2004.

Not sure i totally agree with that, They did rave about the Brutale when they first rode that prototype, Iwould also have thought Mv would have made sure the bike they rode was faultless-they really do not need any more bad publicity

-- miketilston (miketilston@btinternet.com), May 26, 2004.

I have just read an article written by Alan Cathcart on the new 1000 after a couple of days riding it, and it sounded great. I have yet to read the MCN review, but in the one I read, Alan sounded very impressed. They dynoed the MV1000, and the R1, and the MV was just 2hp down!. He summed up by saying the MV had snuck under the 4 J- bikes guard and was ready to pounce.

-- Mick davis (davismd@pasminco.com.au), May 26, 2004.

I have what is essentialy the first deposite at munroe motors for a standard f4 1000 (there will also be 4 speacial edition bikes) & am looking to sell it to whoever is the first to make me reasonable offer (+$2000 over the deposite). I've taken care of all the preliminary details i.e. the dealer's aware I may sell my deposite.

I've ridden the 900cc kitted bike & they don't seem to have a chip or injectors or combo that feed enough fuel or can handle the added volume/

-- sean crane (buyordieunlimited@hotmail.com), May 26, 2004.

disapointed? ! Hmmmm.. Question... was your intention to have the fastest bike on the planet or something? Aparently not or you'd have a much cheaper 'Busa... Is your quest to out-HP the Jap sport bikes? and if so.. why? The power will be there, my brother. relax.

Are you a professional racer? as ONLY a professional will be able to utilize ALL that the 1000cc version has.. Disagree with me and you are wrong.. or are you simply like the rest of us.. a mere mortal who wants bragging rights? Haven't ridden it yet and already talking about big bore kits? geeezzz

Reviews will be forthcoming.. and I have no doubt they will rave about the massive HP increase over our lowly 750's.

Personnaly, I can NOT imagine ANY motorcyclist being dissapointed with the 1000cc F4 no matter how many Jap bikes are faster or have more hp..on the street. I wouldn't trade my 03 750 F4 for THREE R1's. and BTW.. have yet to have an R1 beat ME on a tight curvy road... Nuff said..

-- Pirate (pirate@acelink.net), May 27, 2004.

Hi pirate, firstly as well as my 2000 MV F4,i already have a 1999 Busa, so thats coverd, i also have a Duke 996. As far as why i would want the new mV to be the most powerful is becourse before MV was to make the F41000 it was THEY who was boasting about the F41000 being the most powerful road bike, trying to use it as a selling point.Thats one of the main reasons i put down my deposit.As far as big bore kits go so what, i think givern more development the Casoli kit may have been good, and i bet you there will be another bigger bore kit for the F41000, people always want more, one day i would like to turbo charge me Busa, things move on all the time.

-- Brandon (brandonbee@tiscali.co.uk), May 27, 2004.

I also hear that multi-millionairs want more money too...even though they can't spend what they already have... To each his own..

While I have ridden over 35 years (including 200+hp turbo bikes, etc).. I now realize that massive HP doesn't mean anything unless you are a drag racer.. or a pro tour-rider.. which I am not.. IMHO...It's all about deciding EXACTY what you need and are capable of abusing to the max, then adding about 15HP to that.. ;-)

Did you get a concrete "delivered" price for the 1000? Iwas guessing about $26K out the door...tax, etc

-- Pirate (pirate@acelink.net), May 27, 2004.

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