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I would like to know how much in DK Krones i can expect to get for a LEICA 2F with Hecto 13,5 mm and a extra Summcron 50-90 m from 1952 it has as my grandad told me before he died used it 2-4 times you can also give me the estimate in Dollars no problem

-- Henrik (hepo_2000@hotmail.com), May 19, 2004


The marked for Leica Thread Mount cameras/lenses are not much in demand, unless it is very rare.

You have made several typos in your post, but if you actually have a Summicron 50mm from 1952, it may have some collectorsvalue, as it must be one of the first samples produced.

Nobody will be able to give a realistic evaluation without seeing the equipment, condition makes all the difference. If you live in Denmark, take it to Photographica in Copenhagen and let them give you an offer, or take it to some of the Lauritz.com showrooms -They have sold quite a few Leica LTM's lately, and should be able to give you a realistic estimate.

-- Niels H. S. Nielsen (nhsn@ruc.dk), May 19, 2004.

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