low 24 vdc on Dover oildraulic

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I'm getting 18.5 off the trasnfomer and it won't step higher so my 24vdc is 19vdc and I'm having button problems. Ideas?

-- joe (whobwho@yahoo.com), May 18, 2004


18.5 vdc

What is the voltage coming in?

Are the leads on or off when you measured 18.5 vdc?

If they were on, disconnect them and take another reading! If your voltage goes up you have a voltage drop you need to trace out.

I once found a wire missing some of its shielding causing a voltage drop in a hall station box.

I hope this will help!


-- Jon (jkh824@comcast.com), May 18, 2004.

Hey Bill thanks for your offer to help especially since I given you such a hard time about proprietary equipment. I found the filter capacitor had been removed as I sure you already knew...since its about a dollar. I would have found it earlier but my prints were not very good and didn't show it. A new set of prints and there it was...Anyway thanks again. I do have a tendency to ask quick for help here and usually figure it out before an answer arrives. I wish everyone else would. It's a heck of a lot easier to learn by someone else's experience then by troubleshooting. The guy that answered me quick did have a good idea and thanks for that also.

-- Joe (whobwho@yahoo.com), May 20, 2004.

Thanks for sharing your finding!

Thanks Joe!

Best Wishes,


-- Jon (jkh824@comcast.com), May 20, 2004.

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