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Hi Guys & Gals,

I''m afraid that like a lot of others I have been caught out with the flip up side stand and dropped my F4 on its side. Anyone out there have a way of doing away with the auto flip up on the stand? Even more immediately important - anyone know where I can get hold of a clutch lever without paying a whopping 73 to MV!!!???



-- David Gardner (, May 18, 2004


hi Dave,

try Mark Bridger, his website is He's got levers there, which are made by a Canadian guy, all CNC, and look the bollox. They are 150 the pair, BUT you can't buy the brake lever from MV without the master cylinder, so its worth thr investment to make them look the same.

Failing that try click on shop, then e-teile (motorrader), they have some fold up ones for 300 euros, and the plain ones like Mark sells.


-- Phil (, May 18, 2004.

Check with Ducati, the part used to eliminate the autoflip up side stand on the older Monster works on the MV. Sorry to hear about your mishap.

-- Scott K (, May 18, 2004.

Hello Dave Sorry about your situation. I have had numerous Ducatis and am now in MV heaven. I always thighten the bolt on the sidestand to the extend that i have to push and pull it into possition, this way i decide where it is, and also relieve me of the slamming sound when it flips up and hits the fairing.

Cheap advise!


-- mads christensen (, May 19, 2004.

I have solved now the problem on my F4 with the auto flip back side stand: You only have to replace the small back plate which holds the spring. MV part number is 800098707. Costs less than 10 Euros but its worth every cent.

-- Olav Geesing (, May 19, 2004.

see earlier postings re side stand concerns. welding a support bracket looks crap but can be smoothed over since it is aluminium welded. new bolt will remove return problem but increases the chance of the non standard bolt working it's way loose resulting in a broken u shape (top of stand)and fallen bike.

-- errol meulen (, May 22, 2004.

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