2 paintings of a bride? one with cherubs

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Was wondering if anyone knows the names of two prints I have...one is of a "bride to be"? asleep reclining back in a floaty gown with cherubs in the room holding her bouquet and wedding dress, very romantic look about it, and the second is of perhaps the bride to be asleep on a boat on the water with lots of women / bridesmaids / attendants / friends wading about in the water looking at her and one seems to be going to put a crown on her head or similar. I heard there was another in the series but I have not seen it. They are horizontal narrow paintings

-- Julie Jackson (julie@alphamedia.com.au), May 18, 2004


I too have a large print of the bride to be.... I bought this print in a beautiful antique frame at an auction in Palma de Mallorca, Spain about 19 years ago. The person I bought it from was British. I have looked and looked for information on this print, but have been unable to find much. The only thing I know is that my print does not seem to have any signature at all. However, my sister-in- law bought a postcard size copy of the same print a few years ago, minus a couple of the cherubs. It has the name Lindberg. So I have been searching and searching for any information about Lindberg.... and cant find much there either. My print is 47 x 19 and the frame is very old and looks like it may be ormulu with brass inserts in the corner. If you find out anything, I would sure appreciate hearing from you. Diane Olson

-- Diane Olson (russolson46@hotmail.com), November 08, 2004.

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