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I would like to build the Ken Bassett designed 21' Firefly double rowing wherry but am unable to find a source for the plans. I know that Wooden Boat sells plans for the 18' single, but not for the double. Does anyone have any contact information for Ken Bassett and his designs. I've searched the web, but can't locate any information for him

-- Jeff Wittenfeld (, May 18, 2004


Jeff, the answer is actually right here in the Openwater archives. I'll re-post it for you: Ken Bassett lives in N. Hero VT and (according to the WoodenBoat Forum) his number is 802-372-5204.

I built a firefly single, just launched this spring. Very nice boat, th single's supposed to be even better. Ther's a discussion of the double in the archives here. Scroll down under Boats and look for Firefly Doug

-- Doug C (, May 22, 2004.

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