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Heard about a European investigation into collusion in elevator installations and service industry & lawsuits filed in NY City by apartment owners for the same thing. Has anyone heard of this going on in other cities in the US? John

-- John Saylor (, May 17, 2004


Where did you read about this?

-- Donald Pfuntner (, May 19, 2004.

go to look in lift directory forum for uk and europe there is an article about dawn raids on european lift companies

-- geoff judge (, June 17, 2004.

there was an actual article in elevator world early part of this year that talked about the collusion in europe. I believe that it happens a lot more than we know. i guess that collusion can also exist when two ore more companies owned by the same person is bidding on the same project. so if you consider this to be collusion that it definitly happens a lot more.

-- tom przybyla (, June 21, 2004.

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