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Does anyone know the benifits/advantages/disadvantages of changing to a 120/70 front as against 65. I understand they will fit without clearance problems. The reason i ask is that i have a brand new set purchased for another bike i no longer own, and was about to fit as my MV has now got worn out tired tyres. has anyone fitted these themselves? also has anyone ran a 190/50 rear? and has anyone fitted perelli super corsa tyres, or rennsports? please please help me out with some helpful feed back which will be strongly apreciated. thanks paul

-- paul h (, May 16, 2004


Not much help with your specific questions, but you should consider a 180 rear over the 190, it has a very dramatic effect on the bikes handling. It more readily falls into corners than on the 190's.

-- Scott K (, May 16, 2004.


I've got Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa's on my bike (front 120/70) and although there isn't a huge amount of clearance between the tyre and the fender I haven't experienced any problems other than a little more noise with stones picked up by the tyre and rubbing on the fender. I can't comment on the handling changes in going from a 65 to a 70 series front as I did some suspension adjustments at the same time. Because these tyres are strongly biased towards track work/racing they take a long time to get temperature into them, but when they do get up to temperature they work really well. I've never had any sphincter puckering moments with mine, however they don't seem as street friendly as the OEM Dragon Evo Corsas. When it comes time to change them out I probably go for the Diablo Corsas. Mind you, I will miss the reaction when people see the slick edges of the tyre and they think you've worn off the tread ;-))

-- James B (, May 16, 2004.

hi, i fitted metzlers m1 they come in a 65 front and i did as others with a 180 rear, must say the 180 is the way to go much sharper responce. as to the 70 front, i tried it and found under heavy breaking it fouled the lower rad cover, depends on how hard you ride really others on here have fitted them with no ill effects. metz seem to be really good quick warmup tried hard to get them to letgo but have stayed planted so far,feedback seems ok not as good as the bridgestones ive had on other bikes but still ok hope this helps.

-- mark d (, May 17, 2004.

If you look on the left side of the steering head, you'll see that MV lists 2 recommended sizes for the front, 120/65 or 120/60. They do not recommend 120/70 and some people have encountered clearance problems with the them.

-- JJ (, May 17, 2004.

Yo! Depends on where you use it. If it is a day-to-day travel, or out of town travels on the road, there is no siginificance whatsover for front tires from 165 to 170. For rear tires, from 190 to 180 sizes there is a superb improvement on cornerings, similarly with other Superbikes. If you are going to use it on track, there is an effect in performance though unnoticebly unless your racing it!

-- AJ (, May 19, 2004.

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