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can anybody help with the torque settings for the pinch bolts on the front wheel spindle clamps (don't want to crack them) cheers vic goll

-- vic goll (, May 16, 2004


MV AGUSTA F4 S/F4 S 1 + 1 TORQUE VALUES CYCLE PARTS, EXCLUDING ENGINE FRONT SUSPENSION Description Type Torque [Nm] Notes Screw fork/wheel attachment M10x1.25 20/22 Fixing screw base/inserts M6x1 TCEIF 8/9 Phasing screw steering head M12x1 18/20 Steering lock screw M5x0.8 TCEIF 5/7 Loctite 242 Fixing screw head/inserts M8x1.25 TCEIF 16/18 Fixing screw frame head/steering sleeve M8x1.25 TCEIF 22/24 Terminal screw M6x1 4/6 Fixing screw connecting rod/shock absorber support M6x1 8/10 Loctite 270 Fixing screw connecting rod/steering head M6x1 8/10 Loctite 270 Steering shock absorber support screw M6x1 TCEIF 4N FRONT SUSPENSION Description Type Torque [Nm] Notes Steering shock absorber/frame screw M6x1 TCEIF 8/10 Steering bearing screw ring M35x1 In contact + 10 Frame head steering screw ring M76x1.25 95/100 With grease also on the conical part

I hope, this helps

Regards Roland

-- Roland (, May 17, 2004.

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