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The Middle Georgia Model Railroad Club will provide an HO layout at the Fair in Perry this October (2004). I'm putting together a bit of a Georgia Railroad passenger train.

Microscale Decal Set MC-4193 is for Georgia Group Railroads Passenger Cars, 1940-1970. It describes the paint scheme for Georgia Railroad Heavyweight Cars as :Sides and Ends...close to Pullman Green, Underbody & trucks Black, and Roof is BoxCar Red (I'm assuming Tuscan Red).

I was not aware of the Red Roofs. Is this correct? Does anybody have a source or picture to share?

Thanks, -Jack

-- Jack Copeland (, May 16, 2004



I regret not having a color picture as I too would like to see one; however, it is a fact that the roofs were red on Georgia Railroad passenger equipment. As I recall the red was close to Tuscan, being a little darker. This does not show up in B&W photos as red appears as gray--nearly the same as a weathered black roof.

Maybe a good color photo will surface sooner or later.

Ed Mims

-- Ed Mims (, May 16, 2004.

You also might want to check out the Georgia Railroad - West Point Route list at Yahoo Groups...

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, May 16, 2004.


It's possible that someone familiar with Georgia Railroad passenger cars may frequent the CGRHS board and answer your question, but you'd probably have better luck with the ACL/SAL Historical Society Q&A board. I believe they cover the Georgia group as those roads were part of the ACL/SAL family in later years.

The Georgia group railroads weren't related to the Central of Georgia.

-- Allen Tuten (, May 16, 2004.

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