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My son is 21 now: arrived here as a minor at the age of 13 when I married an American citizen. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was in high school here at 14, although unfortunately has been in therapy since 11 years old when he revealed sexual abuse that occurred when he was 5 in his birthplace of Guernsey in the Channel Islands by his paternal uncle. He has been hospitalised twice and received medication for his bipolar condition over a number of years until we lost our health insurance and he left home, when he began to self-medicate with marijuana to keep him even as he worked his way through college. He was caught with the remnants of cocaine at a party 2 years ago and received probation. He was then caught with more than 30g of marijuana a couple of years later. He was sentenced to 120 days bootcamp, which was then revoked, but completes a shortened sentence on the 17th of this month. He is in Illinois River CC waiting to be picked up by the INS. His lawyer is going to appeal to the judge to consider the circumstances surrounding his crimes and request voluntary deportation. My questions are these: 1 - what plea/approach might help this request - if any? 2 - his British passport was stolen earlier this year. Can he apply for a new one now? Will his new one have 'deportee' stamped on it? 3 - If he doesn't receive his replacement passport in time, will the US authorities obtain the necessary paperwork and agreement/approval for entry into the UK? Do I have to do that and do I contact the British Home Office directly? 4 - He intends to start picking up the pieces by training as a teacher of English as a second language in Canada. The course is a short intensive one over 8 weeks so no student visa is needed. However, when he flies to Canada unless he is allowed to voluntarily remove himself, he will have the 'deportee' stamp. Will this prevent him from future entry into any country/countries? Do you know of any regulations that, because of his convictions, may prevent him from being accepted to such a training program - or taking up a future employment as a TEFL in any particular country. 5 - Do you know of any support groups/ associations / religious / volunteer corps that we might get help and information from - specifically for the rehabilitation of young felons around the world?

We need all the help we can get.

-- Carolyn Sajdecki (, May 13, 2004


I know that this is something very hard to go threw but I cn answer your question on getting your son a passport. you will need his original birthcertificate and with that you need to call the British Embassy on your state and start the paperwork to get him a temporary travel document and no it will not say deportee on it. But more than likely your son will be escorted to the flight or even a person will fly with him in plain clothes no type of restaints. The only time they use stuff like that is if the person is a threat.But this process will go alot faster if you work with the embassy and get the papers in order. Keep this in mind once they issue these papers their only good for 21 days before new ones you have to get new ones. The good side to this is once your son gets to England or where he is going he will have no crimenal record of any kind so that is a plus. Well I hope I helped

-- Daniela Alexander (, January 10, 2005.

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