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SETTLEMENT!!! - My hints to completion, should anybody want to read them

I have reached a settlement after 11 years and thanks to all of you, who have helped me along the way. Originally chased for £30k but Eversheds / Abbey have just accepted a payment of less than 10% of this.

I used a solicitor in the end to close the deal and that cost another grand but well worth it. I wanted a solicitor just to cover any loop holes and believe me they tried every trick in the book, to leave the door open to chase me again after agreeing with the final offer but it’s all stopped in its tracks now, it’s all over and I can get on with my life. Hoorah

Keep your chin up, exhaust every option, keep battling against everything they throw at you, ask for everything (SARN), look for loopholes, ask them to explain things clearly, never get aggressive in your correspondence – always thank them for their time (I know this hurts but it helps things move along quicker sometimes and should you ever have to go to court, it looks good in letters, always mark all correspondence at the top ‘Without Prejudice’, I’ll let someone else explain that gem.

Get used to the ever changing name of your contact at Eversheds; they change people just as you think your getting somewhere. They do this to throw you off guard and upset your rhythm. Do NOT rise to the bait, carry on being civil and don’t let them ruffle you

Ignore requests to fill out an ‘I & E’ / Income & Expenditure form, last count, I had 37. This only proves to them, that you are worth pursuing, although some people will say fill one out, read the small print over and over again for fresh acceptance of the debt. I have never filled out an I & E form in 11 years and in my settlement, they only wanted to see a completed one if they were going to accept a lesser amount than my offer ( Yeah Right!!! ), seek all the advice you can before answering any letters, as you could leave yourself wide open to blame and worst of all, acceptance of the debt / shortfall making the 6 / 12 year rule applicable again. CAB – Citizens Advice were excellent if not a bit slow

Keep all envelopes and attach them to their letters (this will show to the court, if you ever have to go, that all their letters were sent 2nd class post to arrive on the Friday or Saturday, causing maximum headaches at the time you should be relaxing and without giving you a chance to contact anyone for help, so you end up sitting and stewing. I have a letter dated 21st Dec of last year and it arrived on my doorstep Xmas eve threatening bankruptcy. Imagine if you can, the season to be jolly turned into to panic and anguish. First thing in the New Year, I contacted a solicitor and I have just received confirmation of completion by way of phone call from my solicitor. It has taken the last 4 and a half months, 6 different members of Eversheds staff and a £1,000 solicitors bill but it is all over now, just wish I’d have done this 5 years ago.

I know not everyone has money to pay for a solicitor but if you can its worth every penny. A good one will charge around £200 per hour. Never take out a loan to pay a loan. Never agree to paying on a monthly basis, as you are there in turn entering into a new contract with the Abbey, at which point they will up your payments again at the drop of a hat and the small print will show they can and you are open to falling behind with the payments again. The never ending circle of debt.

Big thanks to Mark Amos and Moira and anyone else who has offered help

All the best, happy hunting and remember, you can always have bad thoughts about the people who work for Eversheds but never put it in to print unless you think it will help your cause.


Mr Well & Truly tuckedupbytheabbey but now a free man, I thank you.

-- Mr Well & Truly (, May 13, 2004


Well done, excellent news very very pleased for you. Totally agree with your comments, I also think a lot of the solicitors leave and so the case gets passed to someone different too - they just do it as a stop gap (I can think of better ways of starting a legal career). Congratulations and enjoy the weekend!

-- Chris (, May 14, 2004.

I am so delighted for you....has made my day! It's a few months since I settled and the feeling is GREAT!

Your advice is excellent and it worked....

I feel really humbled that you mentioned me but without Mark and all the rest I too would still be tearing my hair out.

I'm sure your result will inspire many others to carry on!

Will toast you tonight with a G & T !!

My very good wishes for a happy Abbey free future!!!


-- Moira (, May 15, 2004.

Great news indeed, enjoy your new found freedom. I wish you much better luck for the future.

All the best,


-- M Amos (, May 17, 2004.

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