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Hi All,

Just an update on my current situation. Abbey are trying to claim a 15000 shortfall against me,caused by an ex partner not paying the morgage after I moved out. To cut a long story short Abbeys solicitor Halliwell Landau keep sending me letters asking for I&E forms, which state on the bottom that I acknowledge my debt to Abbey, which is ridiculous as I dont acknowledge the debt, eventually they started getting heavy and saying that they would enforce the judgement order against me, which I did not even know existed! I now have a date to get this set aside My next option is now considering bankrupcy, that is if Abbey win in court. I dont have any assetts and would be probably better off packing in work until after the bankrupcy has been discharged. Has anyone else gone down this route yet? and would the costs be cheaper than a 5% exgratia payment (which is what I have offered them to date)I have looked at the website info on bankrupcy and wondered if the process is as relatively straightforward as it appears. Any help would be appreciated. Finally a big thank you to Mark Amos and others who have supplied me and my partner with great advice, we would not have coped with the stress without the help of contributors to this site



-- Lisa Monaghan (, May 13, 2004

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