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While dining at Backyard BarBQue last week in Newberry, I spotted a familar building design about four blocks off of the main street. Upon closer examination I discovered a wye and a concrete building with a PURPLE sign that said Newberry . Memorys, memorys. Wye was shiney indicating recent use, There was a cut of FEC ballast cars on the west leg of the wye. Anybody got any information about this location ? Happy railroading, Dan King

-- Dan King (, May 13, 2004


An update on the situation in Newberry regarding the pending abandonment of most of the remaining trackage once operated by the Florida West Coast RR, ran recently in the Gainesville Sun.

(free registration required to view) AID=/20040529/LOCAL/205290328

Apparently, three miles west from Newberry are to be retained by FWCRR, although one wonders for how much longer.

-- Jeff Gerlach (, May 30, 2004.

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