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Can anyone tell me what they think is a normal running temp of a f4, it's just I haven't had mine long and I noticed when the ambient temp was around 16c and travelling fairly quickly on a motorway that the display said 98c on average , which seems a little high. Also in traffic it was getting up to 108c , which seem very high. Is this normal for a MV? the year is 2000 but with the twin rad. Thanks

-- steve turner (swturner@nildram.co.uk), May 11, 2004



Your engine temps seem a little on the high side. At a similar ambient temp at around 110-120 km/h my 2001 model would be showing and engine temp in the low 60's. In traffic the engine temp gets up to about 98 degrees before the fan cuts in and reduces the temp to around the mid 80's.

I suggest replacing the coolant and see what difference that makes.

Good luck

-- James B (jbenham@vtown.com.au), May 11, 2004.


James is right thats too much - fan should spin at 95 and the engine should rarely get to 100 (very hot days in traffic only) - if it's getting over 105 then you need to have someone take a good look at it.


-- Mark m (m.magenis@btinternet.com), May 13, 2004.

Thanks, I guessed as much as I've owned three other makes before and roughly know temps, just wondered as I've heard the Mv runs hotter. I did however just have this bike fully serviced by powerhouse motorcycles in ashford, as well as quite a lot of other stuff, and am just a little p*ssed off.

-- stephen Turner (swturner@nildram.co.uk), May 13, 2004.

My fan doesn't kick in until 101c. It's not unusual for it to get that high when stuck in traffic. Once the fan kicks in, it drops down to between 95 and 98 in about a minute.

-- Brad Cowell (bcowell@sbcglobal.net), May 14, 2004.

Depends on where you at and what outside temp you got in your place. That 98c is not really a killer but a normal temp during hot days, specially on a traffic where the most MV's should have is 105c. Running an MV on a hot weather is around 85c to 92c at 100kph up. Lower if you have a cooler weather. That 108c is irregular. Better change the coolant, clean or replace the spark plugs, clean and replace the oil & oil filter, clean the air filter, and have the engine re-tuned. If it still persist, check the temp sensor or your radiator, there may either be a leak or something is stuck in the rad. But coolants should do the trick for soemthing foreign stuck in your rad. That will do the trick.....

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), May 16, 2004.

Spoon I will change the coolant and use a 50/50 distilled water to blue stuff mix and get back to you.

-- Jason (jason.mayer@phonak.co.uk), May 16, 2004.

my F4 is serviced by powerhouse mate, and it runs hottish as well, I regularly see around 104-106 in traffic, but 98 on a motorway and 108 seems a little high. There is a safety cut off at 115 or 116 I think.

My Brutale often runs at 105 in traffic, but also drops considerably on the move.


-- Phil (p.wood@tesco.net), May 17, 2004.

Thanks for the tips, I spoke to three cross , which I'm reliable informed are the best when it comes to MV's in the UK and after describing the symptoms advised that anything over 104c was a problem unless virually stopped and that on motorway riding there should be sufficient air to keep it below 95 easily. I'll probably get it sorted in three cross but it's way for me to go living in london. If anyone know anywhere else (apart from Powerhouse which I'm far from impressed with) please let me know.

-- stephen Turner (swturner@nildram.co.uk), May 17, 2004.

Hi Steve, out of interest why the poor thoughts of Powerhouse mate? Just asking as they've always been ace for me, though they have stopped selling MV, and now only service. Dave the workshop manager has always been A1, even when they messed up a service prior to a trip to the Alps on it they went out of their way to pick up my bike from Eastbourne, to fix what they'd cocked up so that it would be ready. If you have a complaint speak to Dave or Bob (the owner) I'm sure they'd fix it.

Failing that, if you really aren't impressed, try Red Dog in Edenbridge. I bought my Brutale from them, and they are a good bunch, the shops not much to look at, but Mitch (the owner) and Mike (the main Mechanic) are pretty cool. For example, the Brutale isn't running quite right, and they are going to sort it FoC as it wasn't serviced too long ago (1000 miles).

Number is 01732 863636, tell em I put you onto them if you would please.


-- Phil (p.wood@tesco.net), May 18, 2004.

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