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I am a new in home piano teacher and have collected tons of music books over the years with plans to do this one day--now, here I am. I have emptied all my bookcases onto the floor and now organizing the books by Levels. Its wonderful when the books say Level, one, two, etc...but I'm not so sure when they say Elementary, late Elementary, early Intermediate, Late Inter, early advance, etc....Any help I can get in determining those levels, I'd sure appreciate! Rose

-- Rose (, May 07, 2004


Yes, some methods use names that are not clear at all and that tend to be alittle confusing. I would suggest: 1.- Many of these methods include a chart in the books where they explain the organization of the method. 2.- I would also browse through the book and try to find the main points and difficulties so I can have an idea of where to catalogize it. 3.- There are some methods that also publish a teacher guide that includes a more detailed explanation of the method. 4.- It may be useful to contact the publisher and simply ask for some information an the method.

-- luis gaytan (, May 14, 2004.

Here is what I've come up with for Alfred and Faber methods: Early Elementary = Alfred 1A or Faber Primer Elementary = Alfred 1B or Faber 1-2A Late Elem = Alfred 2 or Faber 2B Early Int. = Level 3 Intermediate = Level 4 Late Intermediate = Level 5 Early Adv = Level 6

-- anon (, May 18, 2004.

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