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Could someone tell if Seaboard Air Rail had a band in the 1900's? My friend's grandfather worked for Seaboard as a painter, and he also played a clarinet. She has a portrait of him in his Seaboard uniform and he is holding his clarinet. Just wondered if he worked as both a painter and musician, and if there might be info concerning bands on Railways. As you can see, I know nothing about Railroads, so any help appreciated. Thanks, Mary

-- Mary Newell (, May 06, 2004


Ms, Newell,

While visiting the National Railroad Museum in Hamlet, North Carolina about 6 years ago, before they moved the station... I do believe I remember Mr. Julius Crowell showing me a photo of one of the Seaboard's Baseball teams. I guess each of the divisions or terminals at some time in the early 1900's had a team. They played each other in a league?? I may be wrong about this I am sure there are several other gentlemen who know more than me. The photo I was shown was of the Hamlet Team. I do not remember the date.

As for a company band, I am not sure. I know other railroads had bands during that time, so if the photo she has shows him in a railroad uniform with his clarinet, it would be very likely they did have a company band as well as the baseball team.

I apologize if this is doesn't help, but it would make seem very possible they would have a band as well.

Sincerely, Daniel T. Edwards

-- Daniel T. Edwards (, May 08, 2004.

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