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Looking for info on this artist Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Peter Todd (, May 05, 2004


I have a painting signed by "Lorain." It is a California Street scene done in acrylic(?) oil(?. I don't have an answer. I am trying to find out about this artist too.

This very large painting was purchased around 1967 in San Francisco. Might have been from Maxwell Gallery, but not sure. Any comment? Pat

-- Pat Sharp (, June 01, 2004.

I know of the artist, and could put you in contact with her; email me if you are interested.


-- David Van Wyte (, September 10, 2004.

I have three San Francisco (I believe) night street scenes, with cablecars, signed, "Lorain". Two are about 8" X 10", the other about 2 X 3 feet. I suspect that they were purchased by my late husband when he was at Stanford, 1971-72. I know nothing more about them, but would like to.

-- Martha Lewis (, January 12, 2005.

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