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There is a rave comming up this weekend in southern Arizona, awesome line up, called Reflections, im totally stoked about it. ~~ GO GO GO. :) PLUR

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2004


Surreal Entertainment presents Reflections Saturday May 8, 2004 An Arizona Massive

Experience an event so amazing that it can only be held once every three years. The first Reflections brought nearly 3,000 people together for the music. With this event we promise to push the limits and give you a night to remember as this will be Surreal Entertainments biggest production to date. Weメll create the party you create the vibe, so come make history with us! Reflections will feature world class talent as well as the best talent Arizona has to offer.

Donald Glaude (, Moonshine) Seattle New CD: Mixed Live 2 live from Turnmills available on Moonshine Considered by millions of fans to be one of the worldメs best djs. This global party rocker has spanned the globe hitting crowds with his blend of banging house and techno. This will be Donald'sメ first Arizona party in three years come witness a true living legend.

Melo-D (The World Famous Beat Junkies) L.A. One part of the worlds elite turntablist crew, Melo-D has conquered many and has these titles to his name Vestax USA Champion (1995), Vestax World Champion (1995), and the honor of Vestax Team World Champions (1996). Witness a blend of hip- hop and turntablism that has brought Melo-D world acclaim.

Danny the Wildchild (Q101 FM, Premiere) Chicago ON FOUR TURNTABLES His name says it all. This junglist put the Chicago drum and bass scene on the map. Elected by URB magazine as one of the モNext 100,ヤ Danny is drum and bass legend. Playing alongside Eminem and Method Man. Danny is making another trip to Tucson to show us his blend of turntablism and drum and bass.

Alex Reez ( No other dj in Tucson has had a bigger impact on the underground than this man. Always pushing the envelope with his unique style Alex shines on the turntables and will show you why he is house music.

Seth Myles ( A man who needs no introduction Seth Myles commands respect on the turntables. Always delivering the goods Seth Myles has the ability to rock a crowd anytime! Anyplace! Game Set Match. Seth Myles.

C.L. McSpadden (Hook/Cosmic Sea) With releases on Bedrock and Deep Dish playing his records CL is one of the greatest talents to call Arizona his home. Come witness why CL is one of the best djs/producers on the West Coast.

Jay Skulnik ( DJ VanDeBelle (Surreal) Plotz ( Nth (DTS/Swell) Sonique Des Flouers (DTS/Swell) Louder ( Starr vs Sixxx (Evilkande) Clay Steel (Harvest Season) Surch4 ( DJ Kenny ( Joseph Mykal (Surreal/ Moges (AFK/502crew) DJ Rhinox (Rhinox/Surreal) Diosa (Sickvibe) Skwert (Surreal/Swell) Stimulation (3brovas/Surreal) Grapla (Eastacalicrew/Surreal) Tofu (Eastacalicrew/Surreal) Jessmar (Surreal) John Henry (Eastacalicrew/Surreal) (live) Atomic Mage ( Red (Atmosphere Engine


thought I'd give a little more Info for thoughs who may be able to go.

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2004

i went to the first reflections 2 years ago in tucson .. it was the shit...

dj lego rocked that shit. ... ... w/ some dnb and some ELECTRO.

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2004

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT MISS THIS HUGE ONE!! THREE DAY EVENT IN TUCSON< A cleberation of Speed and Sound with Galaxy Girl, Korn, and many other great lineup!!! Click Here:


-- Anonymous, November 11, 2004

Yoooo.... New raver here. I just started raving about three months ago in Colorado, I was just getting hardcore into it (saw Vandit and diesel boy do mad spins in Global Dance Fest 04, lots of underground too :D) Anyway I was just getting into it when I moved here!! awww! the raver culture around here is so much harder to get into. Talk about underground. Anyway... I need help! I just missed velocity, what was it? Nov 11th? I live in tucson and have lived here but two months. Ive been to one rave. It was sick but I want to attend more!! :) If you could send me info on upcomming dance fests via email that would be so tight. Happy Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Trance, Jungle I love it all. Okay so peace out all your PLURific people! HOOK IT UP! :D

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2004

Ive moved back down to AZ back in nov 2003 and ive been on probation but I dont care I love the culture to much and ive been Looking for raves down here and i havnt been able to find any (I live in Phoenix) also ive been looking for a good shop because all my rave clothes were thrown away when I was sent to rehab so I need some new pants so if anyone could tell me where some of this stuff is goin on at please email me! Much Club/Rave Love, Riesen XTC Trance aka Nycroses aka DJ HYOER TRANCE

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2004

Ive always wanted to be a DJ, if I were to be a DJ my stage name would be DJ Cycle. Just a thought. Um All my raver cloths are either hand made (like my green fuzzy lepard parachute pants :D) or bought just around. Um if your looking for paracute pants a company named kik wear makes them. they are based in cali. but you can order them off the internet. Id check it out, as for candy... WALL MART! :-P

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2004

where is the party at in tucson this new year's eve? it's my birthday and I haven't gone to a party in at least 2 years.

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2004

You wanna really know whats up in the rave scene? check out its got a party posted every weekend. rock on dec 31st is my b-day too :-)

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2005

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