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Please can anyone tell me what the top speed is of a mvf4 1+1 ? And also the rear wheel brake horsepower, as i have heard of several figures in the past, and have thought of putting it on the dyno to see where it lies with other mvs.

Thankyou for any responce nick

-- nicholas dore (, May 04, 2004


In different german bike magazines which a just reviewed they all measured a top speed of 274 km/h. All tests have been carried out with a 2002 modell. Also I own a 2002 F4 which was on a dyno jet. They measured 128,5 PS at the crank shaft. Plus minus the same values where measured by those magazines.

-- Olav Geesing (, May 04, 2004.

Perhaps to add this here to the previous mail. The 2002 modell has to my knowledge already the new engine (pistons, crank shaft) with the improved power. The 2003 modell received the new 4-2-1-2-4 exhaust (exhaust till 2002 was 4-2-4), which added two or three horses. Is that correct? The F4S and F4S 1+1 are the only MV bikes without catalysator, am I right? SPR, Mille and Brutale have one.

-- Olav Geesing (, May 04, 2004.

A standard MV F4 (pre EVO moddel) will make anywhere between 105-118 at the rear wheel. The EVO engine on 02-04 bikes makes aprox 5 more mostly due to valve chnages and a higher rev limiter.

The SENNA comes in somewhere arround 120-130 at the rear wheel and the SPR a little less than that. There are also roumers that there are some bikes out there with the AGO 750 engine (a mix and match between the SPR and SENNA) that has been fitted to standard bikes as the AGO will now be a litre bike.

There is quite a big range in these engines but most early ones will come up to arround 116-118 after a powercomander is fitted, and it will be a lot smoother all the way through. It makes a big difference at part throttle. It's not cheap but well worth doing, especially if you then want to go on with changes to exhaust or other tuning mods.

-- Mark M (, May 05, 2004.

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-- philip costin (, May 05, 2004.

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-- Mark M (, May 06, 2004.

I have an '02 1+1 EVOII (no modification yet) that I will be turning in for dyno test this weekend in an auto/bike show. From what FBF says, it has 136hp but it would be initesting for me to know the result on the rear wheel.

-- jon-jon (, May 06, 2004.

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-- philip costin (, May 06, 2004.

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-- Mark M (, May 10, 2004.

Okay, so I brought the bike over the weekend for dyno. The bike is 2002 f4 1+1 diamante- no mods.

114.7 hp @ the rear w/ 168mph top speed. 13k redline. Hope this helps some...

-- jon-jon (, May 14, 2004.

Last summer I hit 177 mph. I don't know what margin of error the speedo has, but from other posts I hear it is fairly accurate. I have a 1+1 with the RG3's and chip. It was dynoed last summer by FBF at 132.2 I believe. I'm not sure how much more was left of the top end, but I was "creeping" so to speak. I think another mph or 3 was possible. Mike

-- Bullwieney (, May 19, 2004.

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