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Read the other post regarding the rear brake fix:- And as I had a non existent rear brake, figured I'd look into this Castrol SRF fluid. After a bit of chasing about I was put onto a Porsche specialist, who had SRF in stock because GT3's use it as standard, the only problem being it costs around 50 a litre !

However, the guy at the garage couldn't have been more helpful and offered an alternative known as 'Racing Blue' which they use in all their racing Porsches (Other than the GT3). He gave me the spec's over the phone, and although lower than the SRF they are far higher than DOT4/5. Anyway, a litre was duly purchased at 18, plus I spent 10 minutes looking at all the Porsches in the car park, (including 2 new GT3 RS models) Awesome !

I've left the resorvoir in the standard location and bled the brake with the new fluid, so far so good. As I had a full litre I also did the front which is now much less spongy, and finished off by doing the clutch. This stuff seems to have done the trick so if you fancy giving it a try here's the details:-

Park Garage in South Godstone, Surrey (UK) 01342 892911, Ask for Steve.

Remember they also stock SRF if you want to lighten the wallet slightly more, and if your lucky enough to own a GT3 I'd talk to them about getting it set up.

-- Craig (, May 04, 2004



Was this "Racing Blue" made by Ate? If so it's more usual name is Ate Super Blue, a more approriate alternative is Motul RBF600. About the same price as Ate Super Blue/Gold (they come in two colours to help identify a full flush) but far better specs.

Just FYI, James Dallas TX

-- James (, May 04, 2004.

Yes James, it is the ATE Fluid. I checked the can and it is indeed called 'Super Blue Racing'. Cheers.

-- Craig (, May 04, 2004.

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