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I had purchased a Super ABC Deluxe Cappuccino Maker a few years back. I t was made by Brevetti Gagggia, Model # GPT2 CR-DFT Brass. (I think this is the correct model number, hard to see). It looks a lot like the coffee maker in the TV show Friends at the Central Perk. Can anyone tell me if this piece would be worth anything to anyone? Thanks Brad

-- Brad Christensen (, May 03, 2004


If the machine is still available, do you have any pictures? I would really like to see it. Do you know how much it cost new? Thanks, Mieke

-- Mieke Bozic (, July 23, 2004.

Happy New Year.

I have a Super ABC Deluxe also but donr know much about it. There anyone on thios list that knows about it?


-- myers (, January 03, 2005.

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