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I've been smoking hams and bacon for the past two days, in a borrowed smoker. I've decided that, this summer, I'm going to build a permanent smoker. I might put the firebox inside a second building, to use as a sauna. I've always wanted a sauna.

In addition, we plan on building our greenhouse this year. I hope things go as planned. It sure would be great to have my own fresh vegetables in the dead of winter!

What plans do you have, for improvements, this year?

-- Gayle in KY (, May 02, 2004


Gayle! We're still workin on our cabin--already started out addition. A 12x12 for bedrooms and bath. I'm afix'n to build a small greenhouse too. Buildin up a garden spot, settin out more trees, bushes and flowers. Cleanin up a fencerow, finishin my genset that we're usin a chevy 6 cyl engine on. Lots of things I'm a plannin on doin. God didn't make us to set around and "rest"-but to keep busy.

I'm sure as time goes on I'll be athinkin of other things to do. oldhoot. Matt.24:44

-- oldhoot (, May 04, 2004.

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