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Claudius and our society. To what extent do you think that the values that Claudius has: his political prowess, his ability to think on his feet, his risk taking, his ambition, his leadership skills, his love for drink, power and sex, the extent to which he goes to secure them and his inability to give them up even at the cost of his soul are reflected and even appreciated by modern society? Having read the play and having to write an essay on the matter I would really appreciate your input.

-- Radu Ulici (, May 02, 2004


Well, he don't appeal to me much, but maybe that's just me. A place to start could perhaps be the fact that many people in 'modern society' will not see these things as detrimental to the soul and its fate. Wheras Claudius knew things he was doing were wrong according to his beliefs and society, in modern Western society the same things are no longer seen as wrong, and some are admired. But modern society still does not sanction murder, regicide or political assassinations, or corruption; and selfishness and lies, especially amongst family or friends, are not particularly liked or appreciated.

-- catherine england (, May 06, 2004.

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