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Hi All. Have a problem I thought I would ask your opinion on. Just got My 2004 F4 SR delivered and took her for a gentle ride to start the long break-in process. Got back home and saw oil coming out from the bottom of the fairing. Seems it was coming from the overflow pipe (or at least that's what I think it is). Then checked the oil level with the bike upright on level ground and cold and saw that the oil level glass was full to the brim with one small bubble at the top. (manual says should be between Min & Max marks. The Max mark on my bike is no more than half way up the glass).

My first ride was 90 kilometers and I am furious with the dealer for over-filling, the question is would I have done any damage? I hear that too much oil creates serious pressure and damages internal components and seals etc.

Would appreciate any comments as I am not happy having paid all that money for the dealer to have potentially delivered me a bike that is now compromised.

-- Sean Keith (, May 02, 2004


The best thing for you to do is to leave the oil in the bike! ring the shop tell them what the problem is, they should sort it out and document it on your bikes log book. you should also keep a record of correspondance. This way if by chance any damage has occured you are covered and its thier problem as. If you change the oil level basically than came dispute what you have had to do. Better to play things safe than take it into your own hands. Good luck n safe riding. Bret

-- Bret Martin (, May 03, 2004.

Thanks Bret. Already told him I drained the oil, but no problem he knows I'm telling the truth. Just left to see if any damage has been done by too much oil. Spoke to another mechanic who said it could have caused some damage, but only time you will find out is when you are giving it full revs. Yikes!!

Will let you know how it gets resolved. thanks again Sean

-- Sean Keith (, May 03, 2004.

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