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Nhi được anh LuKhu ở Paltalk nhờ đăng bi ny trn đy để chng ta cng gp bn tay k tn vo Thỉnh Nguyện Thư.

LuKhu: The Honorable George W. Bush President of the United States of America The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20500 Subject: Urging on President Bush to save Montagnards by endorsing Bill H.R. 1950. [date] Dear President Bush, As concerned citizens and registered voters of the United States of America, we have become very outraged at The Massacre of Christian Montagnards in Vietnams highlands during the Easter weekend. We, therefore, appeal to you to endorse the Bill H.R. 1950: Millennium Challenge Account, Peace Corps Expansion, and Foreign Relations Authorization Act. The events of The Massacre of Montagnards are unfolding at an alarming speed. The unarmed Montagnards people are currently under the oppression of Vietnamese Communist regime and their lives are being threatened by thousands of fully armed Vietcong troops. These events have been well documented by the Transnational Radical Party, U.S. media, and other reputable sources inside Vietnam. As you might have already been aware, the events began with a peaceful gathering for Easters praying by Christian Montagnards followed by peaceful demonstrations pleading for Freedom of Religion and for the return of their stolen lands by the Vietnamese Communist regime. As foreign visitors, reporters, and diplomatic personnel are prohibited from all accesses into those cordoned areas, fully armed Vietcong troops were free to forcefully oppress those demonstrators and to take the lives of anyone resisting the brutality. Thousands of refugees have fled to the borders of Cambodia for safety. The Vietnamese Communist regime has increasingly been using forceful means to suppress any demonstrations against the brutality of the regime and its repeatedly unjust treatments of polical dissidents can no longer be ignored. Last year, on February 5, 2003, you sent a letter conveying Millennium Challenge Account Legislation to the U.S. Congress. This policy will support the engagement policy that the United States of America has been pursuing for years. It also meets the essential need of sending Peace Corps to Vietnam for the promotion of freedom. However, in the absence of Bill H.R. 1950, the government of Vietnam has exploited Americans good will and continuously violating Human Rights. Because of the lack of Bill H.R. 1950, Vietnamese people have continuously fallen victims to this dictatorial regime. As current unrests unfold in Central Highlands of Vietnam, we urge you to ask the Congress to pass this bill. This bill will defininetely alleviate the sufferings of all freedom-loving Vietnamese, it also avert further bloodsheds and meet the purposes of U.S. engagement policy to promote freedom and democracy in Vietnam. Again, we are pleading to you to ask the U.S. Senate and the Congress to take immediate action to pass this Bill to save those precious Christian lives before it is too late or at least to minimize the damage. Your time and concern of this matter are greatly appreciated. We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming presidential campaign and election. And God bless you and the United States of America. Sincerely yours [sign] [sign] [sign] [printed full name] [printed full name] [printed full name] [sign] [sign] [sign] [printed full name] [printed full name] [printed full name] cc: Secretary Powell, Undersecretary Armitage, and all Senators Ch :

1) Điền ngy, thng, năm vo chổ [date]

2) Cng nhiều người điền tn vo chổ [printed full name] cng good

3) Rồi in ra v k tn vo chổ [sign]

4) Nhớ in ra, tm cch phn pht cho người Mỹ cng tham gia thỉnh Nguyện với chng ta. những ai khng c quốc tịch hay khng c sống ở USA, nhưng c người quen ở USA, hy gp tay phổ biến thỉnh Nguyện thư nầy.

-- lu cho" thui (, May 01, 2004

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