F4 just failed MOT because on full lock your thumb gets jammed between handlebar grip and airbox! Bike has always been like this and I thought was just one of those "live with it" things. Can the issue be minimised by raising the top yoke and bars on the fork stantions? ie there is about 20-25 mill of fork sticking through the yoke. HELP APPRECIATED! Dave

-- David Gardner (, April 29, 2004


the easy way seems to be to fit the recessd air box tops sold by Casoli or new air boxes from QB carbon, however some people have bought handle bar risers from 'Fast by Ferraci'(FBF) check out their web site Regards Les

-- Les Spragg (, April 29, 2004.

what a load of bollocks eh, this is how the bike is from the factory so some little jumped up tester knows better, tell em to f@ck off and find a better test station.there is no law that says the thumb has to be round the bottom of the bars.when shunting the mv thethumbs sit quite comfortably on top of the bars, if they still fail it,refer to top of reply,mainly tell em to f@ck for the recessed air tubes and covers etc, i think its a big load of money fot nothing

-- mark (, April 29, 2004.

Where are you based Dave? I had mine done last year by a MOT station that has an owner with an Oro. Strangely it passed, that said the guy said it was down to his discretion, and that it wasn't a big enough issue to fail. I'd agree with the other reply, tell em to f**k off and go find someone more bike friendly!!


-- Phil (, April 30, 2004.

Here's a link to CasoliUSA for the carbon fiber air tube covers:

I'd try a different inspection sation first. It would seems strange that could fail you for something that was clearly a designed feature of the bike. And, the MV does pass US DOT standards. I thought inspection stations primarily got people on maintainence issues.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (, April 30, 2004.

Unfortunately not so in the UK Allan, the DOT standards don't apply here, and things like loud pipes, no room for thumbs, number plate too small etc etc can fail you, even not having a reflector on the back of the bike will fail it, and you need this ticket to ride legally each year.

The tester also used to be able to fail a vehicle if he/she thought it unroadworthy, which is not a bad thing really.


-- Phil (, April 30, 2004.

Yeah got to agree with mark and Phil just find another tester. As this is going to be an on going story does it mean that when I bought my Senna new i was sold goods unfit for UK roads? How did the bike get an agreed UK import liscence if its fundamentaly faulty. Its all boll**ks. You just got unlucky find yourself a less anally retentive tester.

-- tony beckwith (, May 01, 2004.

Unfortunately the tester is correct,the same would apply to a car whos steering wheel hit the door, I at first on mine lifted the top yoke and bars,also fileing the shape of the clipon clamps into the top yoke, you also need to lift the steering damper,you will get about 8mm more clearance like this-which is nearly enough,I have since fitted Ferracci clipon clamps which lift the bars 7 degrees,I think later bikes have a mod to the clamp very similar to this. To be brutally honest (sorry Phil!) this design aspect is pure shite,how it ever came out of the factory like this f---- knows,a more friendly MOT`er is the other option

-- mike tilston (, May 01, 2004.

Guys, many thanks for all the contributions. just to update on what I did: I phones 3X motorcycles who were extremely helpful, the service manager (Gary Lockier) informed me that there is an exemption for this issue on this one bike and suggested I tell my guy to contact his helpline, which I did. the guy then came back and said the helpline had never heard of the excemption. I then went via 3X again and they gave me a guy's contact name at the vehicle testing centre in Bristol. (Ron Wiley - 01179 543200) He's the guy who actually inspected the bike on this issue. Eventually I got my guy in touch with Ron (after he even accused me of "making him up") and he squared it away. I now have my MOT. Thanks Dave. PS: just did 500 miles on the bike over the weekend on the most fantastic mountain twisties in the world here in Bonny Scotland!!! YEEEHAAAA

-- Dave Gardner (, May 03, 2004.

Hey, good info on the exemption thing David, thanks a lot, I'll keep a note of that if its ever needed.

What I find most amazing is that 3X have actually had this tested for exemption, or have even made a note of it. Finally I've heard someone say something good about them.

As an aside the 1000 looks to have slightly different clip ons, and from what I remember doesn't suffer a similar problem, looks like MV listened to that one. Having looked at my Brutale though, it wouldn't be too difficult to knock up a new steering lock, as its only held on by 2 screws on the top of the bottom triple clamp, though unless my MOT station loses their ticket, I'll be fine on that for the foreseable!


-- Phil (, May 03, 2004.

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