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I have some questions on egg shells maybe some out there could help me with. thanks for any help. 1.How is an egg shell formed? 2.How long dose it take to get hard? 3.Is it hard when it comes out? thanks again m

-- moshe schaefer (, April 29, 2004


I have read, and according to one of my chickens, it takes about 25 hours for an egg to form. I think it varies from chicken to chicken by a few hours though. New laying hens will only lay every two to three days while an older one will lay about once a day. I don't know at what point the shell actually hardens but it is hard when it comes out of the chicken. I'm sorry I don't know exactly how it is formed either but I do know that there is a small pocket below the tail where it is formed. Older chickens will lay larger eggs as they get older.

-- ed cheese (, June 23, 2004.

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