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Any one had any experience with on-site coffee roasting at fairs, shows, events, etc. I am interested in trying it and want to know if anyone has any experience.

-- Jay (, April 27, 2004


You probably won't want to. Assuming that you mean roasting coffee to serve at that location, most people recommend that you wait at least a day after roasting to serve the coffee. The coffee breathes out CO2 in its first few hours after roasting (enough that if you immediately seal it in a jar, it will shatter the jar) and its taste changes in those first few hours. Info on that can be had at usenet group and, among other places.


-- matt hoffman (, April 27, 2004.

We actually setup at a large flea market. We roasted and bagged the beans for sale. We sold about 100 pounds.

Good luck.

-- Charles W (, April 27, 2004.


I offer machines for rosting coffee at place.

-- Juan Carlos Parra (, January 11, 2005.

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