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I have seen a rather strange UK Ebay listing for a SENNA that wants a deposit in USD but the bike is in the UK??????? The following mails have been going back and forth today:

********************************************************************* if you want i will give you the vin# to check it...ok?

********************************************************************* Stev, I'm sorry but I'm not convinced. I cant find any information anywhere on a Ducati 700cc Senna. Can you please explain. All the best Mark

********************************************************************* hy, The bike is located in UK . The bike made by Ducati and yes is a 700 let me know if you are still interested and tell me where are you from?

********************************************************************** Dear pasaricmy,

I am interested in bidding but have a couple of questions first. 1) your membership and listing show you are in the UK but you want payment in dollars. Where is the bike - in the UK or America? 2) Who is the bike made by, is it a Ducati. 3) can you confirm this is a 700cc as I would not be able to insure anything bigger. Many thanks Mark Magenis

To view the item, go to:


Can I suggest that if you do bid on this that you do not send a deposit but insist on seing the bike and documents prior to parting with anything. I may be wrong, in which case I must appologise to the seller, but I find the fact that he has no idea what he is selling more than a little suspicious. Appart from all the obvius errors it should also be noted that this is a US bike, as can be seen from the front mudguard, not a european one.

-- Mark M (, April 26, 2004


Just got this back:

hi again this is the vin # ZCGAGFLJ32V100448 you can chec it ...the bike is a MV Agusta Senna let me know if you are still interested?

-- Mark M (, April 26, 2004.


Fraud exists on the internet, especially in Ebay's motorcycle auctions. DO NOT send a wire transfer! If it sounds too good to be true, then don't take the risk to buy it.

-- Dave (, April 26, 2004.

Hi Mark, all,

this is a scam, as you are probably drawing as a conclusion. The bike is claimed to be Senna 189 I think, which according to the Sennaphiles is on their website database as being in the states. Thats what those yellow flashes on the front mudguard are, US only stickers to make it legal. Oh, and the big MPV thingy in the background gives it away too. Someone on mvmadness had seen this add and photos before as well, before ebay pulled the ad. The thought is he's pulled these down from someones genuine site, or sale.

Loads of the guys over on Yahoo have been asking him similar questions to yourself (2 of them have Sennas, and are having a good laugh baiting him), and a couple of the guys in London requested a viewing, at which point he asked for the usual scammers Western Union payment for a deposit before he'd even let them view. There was a bid at 1,000,0001.00 that appears to have been pulled, that or its on there twice!

There is a slim chance its real of course, but it stink worse than Billingsgate on a saturday afternoon in August. Try asking for a view as you are nearby, bet he asks for a deposit....


-- Phil (, April 26, 2004.

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