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I am interested in modelling the GP35s of ACL and/or SAL. Does anyone know which phases of these loco were owned by ACL and/or SAL? (The Kato HO models are available in Phases Ia, Ib, and Ic, so I need to know which versions are appropriate for ACL and/or SAL.) Thanks in advance for your responses.

-- Harold Gulley (, April 24, 2004


Harold. Thanks for the resource. Looking at that, the SAL units are a Phase1C with the humped back inertial filter that Cannon sells. Part #1351.


-- Bill McCoy (, May 03, 2004.

Bill: Thanks for your response and for mentioning your sources. Just in case anyone else is curious about the differences in details among the various GP35 phases, here are a couple of web sites that I found recently while trying to figure out how I might correctly paint the Kato undecs that I have. There may be discrepancies between the sites about detail variations. If anyone else has further information about the specific details on the ACL and/or SAL GP35s, please let us hear from you too. Thanks.

-- Harold Gulley (, May 03, 2004.

The ACL GP-35s were Phase 1A, 3 battery box louvers and 6 power assembly door latches. As information the Phase 1B has 3 power assembly door latches and the 3 battery box louvers. The phase 1C has the 6 latches and 1 battery louver. All this is from the ACL locomotive book and the Kato web page. The SAL GP-35's were a later version and I don't have the Kato page to guide me through the fine points. Looking at the pictures however it looks like a phase 1 c with the raised inertial filter hatch. Someone I think in an "X2200 South" went thruogh and detailed all the GP-35 phase differences. I think the SAL units were a phase 2 and there was a frame thickness difference but I can't see it. I'm marshalling the items for ACL and Southern Rwy high nose GP-35's. I may do a SAL version too.

-- Bill McCoy (, May 03, 2004.

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