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My father-in-law owns a coffee plantation in Honduras and would like to ship to U.S. He has asked me to find some buyers, I live in the Houston area, but know little about the coffee business, such as laws, tariffs, customes ect.,can somebody lead me in the right direction to get started on this task.

-- Johnny Blevins (, April 22, 2004


I'm looking for a source to purchase coffee for our small roasting business. Please send more information to

Charles W.

-- Charles W. (, April 27, 2004.

I own coffee plantation in Ethiopia and I am expanding my business here in USA ( I live in Atlanta, Georgia). I would be able to supply great quantity green bean coffee at low price. I have been in business for a long time and I do understand about coffee business. If anyone is interested to talk to me about my coffee and would like to have samples, please call me at (404)663-1511 or email me at

Thank you very much.


-- Wond Dennis (, June 01, 2004.

Fair Trade certifies coffee importers to import from certain farms. You first have to go through Fair Trade, but then they may have some leads for you:)

-- christina redwine (, August 04, 2004.

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